There is an urgency today to “set on fire” the Lasallian Catholic evangelical mission within each of our educational communities to do as Jesus did by joyfully announcing the radical Good News that God loves us all and calls us to cooperate in building God’s Kingdom.
— DENA Directional Statement on Evangelization

Session 8

January 19 – February 23, 2020

REL 500: Evangelization and Catechesis, Theory and Practice

Sarah Thomas TracyInstructor: Sarah Thomas Tracy

How do we successfully pass on our Catholic Christian faith to future generations? This course explores a Lasallian approach to the theory and practice of catechesis. Students examine some of the meanings and implications of theology as knowledge about God, belief as personal acceptance of theological truths, and religion as action emanating from those beliefs. The focus throughout is on ways to inspire the young to internalize the Christian faith.

Text: Maureen Gallagher, The Art of Catechesis: What You Need To Be, Know and Do, NJ: Paulist Press, 1998, ISBN: 080913778X 2

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Course Offerings

All courses are made available online, to be completed at your leisure. Classes are five (5) weeks, consisting of two hours of reading and writing per week for a total of 10 course hours.

Cost per course: $25

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Meet the Instructors

The Faith Formation for Lasallian Educators (FFLE) program is designed to meet the growing need to provide Lasallian teachers with education about the fundamentals of Catholic belief, teaching, and culture.

Providing professional certification for Catholic school teachers and administrators, FFLE is an online curriculum grounded in four major components of the Catechism of the Catholic Church: creed, sacraments, morality and prayer.

Conveniently offered throughout the year, FFLE allows educators to participate anytime, anywhere, and provides the opportunity for teachers to advance their knowledge of Catholic faith and practice.

Courses are conducted as adult education and formation and are not intended to be master’s level theology courses. All present instructors are properly vetted, have attained a Master’s Degree in theology, and are recognized educators in their field of study. Experience has shown that their courses are engaging and they use the online platform to communicate quite effectively with their fellow educators.

Certification requires completing five courses within the first five years of hire, and two elective courses within the next three years. Courses can be taken in any sequence, but it is suggested that REL 100 Understanding Catholic Christianity is taken as the first course.

Each class involves approximately ten hours of study over the course of five weeks—including weekly reading, a virtual lecture and an online class discussion. All grades are Pass/Fail. Upon successful completion of the required courses a Certification of Completion will be issued by the District of Eastern North America.

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The FFLE program should be viewed as one leg of a tripod, the others being participation in learning experiences provided by your ministry (days of recollection, retreats, liturgies, etc.) and by DENA and RELAN (formation programs).

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