“All human beings seek to find meaning in life. This ‘sense of the profound’ is not only linked to the religious aspects of life or one’s understanding of what is often called the divine, but also to the values that each person considers important and upon which one grounds one’s lifestyle and key life choices. All who share in the Lasallian mission, from various faith traditions and life options, feel called to deepen and share the meaning of their existence: What is it that sustains one from within? What enables one to overcome the difficulties of life? What inspires one to go beyond what one does?”
— A Conversation with the Lasallian Family: Deepening Our Identity


September 2021 – April 2023
Christian Brothers Center, Narragansett, RI

Applications Open May 15 – June 30  |  Acceptance Notification July 15

This pilot cohort will welcome up to 12 participants

Inspired by the spirituality of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, DENA is initiating a new formation program focused on the ministry of Lasallian spiritual accompaniment. Participants will deepen their understanding and practice of Lasallian spirituality and receive formation in the art of spiritual accompaniment. At the end of the formation program, there will be an option for an additional year of study and formation in spiritual direction.


What is the Role of a
Lasallian Spiritual Accompanier?

Through spiritual accompaniment, we rediscover our true selves. Accompaniers become mirrors that allow us to find long-forgotten places and insights that have always resided within, embedded in every fiber of our being. They help us heal and make whole our vision of ourselves. Lasallian Spiritual Accompaniment is to assist another Lasallian to live a fulfilled life by living the Lasallian charism and exercising the Lasallian mission through a deepening of a personal relationship with God through personal and communal prayer.

Lasallian Spiritual Accompaniment is a living expression of Lasallian spirituality. Elements of Lasallian spirituality can be found primarily in the writings of the Founder Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the documents of the Institute, and the writings and reflections of the Lasallian family. It also recognizes the ever-present charismatic movement of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Lasallians, the work of Lasallian ministries, and the Institute.

“Live by the Spirit of faith” — Saint John Baptist de La Salle

For additional information regarding the program please contact Maryann Donohue-Lynch donohuelynch@fscdena.org

Reflections from Lasallians

With gratitude for their role in the development of this program:

Maryann Donohue-Lynch
Lori Dressel, AFSC
Brother Robert Hazard, FSC
Brother Brian Henderson, FSC
Brother Fred Mueller, FSC
Brother Stephen Olert, FSC
Brother Vincent Pelletier, FSC
Brother Ed Phelan, FSC
Kevin Regan
The DENA Monday evening Centering Prayer community