Wednesday, September 16

Cultivating Community and Centering Equity in Virtual Classroom Environments

This interactive webinar focuses on building equity and community in virtual spaces. Online learning can exacerbate existing inequities and create a larger divide between teacher-student relationships. This webinar provides concrete ways for teachers to build virtual classroom lessons and experiences that prioritizes connectedness, safety, and community through a humanizing, Lasallian perspective.

Dr. Laura Roy is Associate Professor and Chair of Education at La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA. Laura’s work primarily focuses on social justice in education and ant-racist pedagogy. Her most recent work, Teaching While White: Addressing the Intersections of Race and Immigration in the Classroom, supports teachers in creating anti-racist classrooms, schools, and communities. Laura has also published in the area of immigrant and refugee education, examining ways the schools can value and cultivate students’ cultural and literate histories.