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Enlightenment. Conversion. Transformation.

Allowing Oneself to be Filled with God

This retreat is an invitation to focus on our spiritual journey. We will consider the ordinary and dramatic ways God is present in our lives. Prayer will present itself as the intimate union with God which places us fully at God’s disposal.  Some of the challenges to meaningful prayer and its blessings will be considered.  The action of the Holy Spirit flowing through prayer is the fire that kindles the action of mind, heart and will, creativity and sacrifice in the Lasallian mission. We will consider the relationship between prayer and mission, God’s presence in contemplative solitude and in bold, challenging ministry. The retreat will delight in stories told, songs sung, poetry shared, lively conversation and the Gospel proclaimed in liturgy and in the communal life.

“We ourselves are always going from Jerusalem to Emmaus. Pilgrims like them, we experience breakthrough moments in our lives. Men and women, each of us walking at a different pace, we have different motivations in life and face our own aspirations and circumstances. But we move on together and by association, discovering that God walks alongside each Lasallian. Today each member of the Lasallian Family must be open to the deep touch of God, and heed the call to become, together and by association, “  Hearts on Fire, Lasallian Reflection 5