Registration Deadline: Sun. Mar 7


Communications, Public Relations and Marketing Professionals

March 8-10 2021

Daily virtual Zoom sessions

Each day will consist of an opening prayer, one or more keynote speakers, and opportunities to utilize breakout rooms to share thoughts, brainstorm, and discuss best practices.

Meet the Presenters

For questions, please contact Justin Martineau,

DENA Action Item

To create meaningful exchanges across ministries, DENA and Chief Administrators will encourage the formation of collaborative efforts among DENA ministries. In support of these exchanges, DENA will facilitate the creation of a database to encourage collaboration and cooperation among our ministries that will encourage the creation of partnerships, learning opportunities and other activities in service with the poor. (DENA Action Item)

Past Spring Workshops

2019 Secondary School Guidance – College Counselors and Social Workers
Lasallian Schools: Communities of Welcome, Learning and Encounter
Latino Enquentro
2016 Special: Mission Driven Athletics (Higher Ed and Secondary Schools)
2015 Ministry Communication Directors
2014 Secondary School Athletic Directors
2013 School Admission and Enrollment Directors

The Spring Workshop for Communications Professionals

This workshop is open to our Communications, Public Relations, Media Relations, Marketing, Social Media, and all professionals promoting the Lasallian mission at DENA’s ministries.

We will gather to practice critical and practical communications skills while exploring ways to promote the vitality of our Lasallian mission locally, and at the District and global levels.

During this time together, participants will have an opportunity to hear from speakers across DENA about trends in social media and its optimization, to share emerging needs with peers, to reflect on the importance of the Lasallian dimension of the ministries, and to explore lessons learned and things to take forward from the COVID-19 pandemic.

A key dimension of the Spring Workshop, so time will be provided for conversation and personal professional sharing.

Sharing Our Lasallian Story

March 8  |  2pm-5pm

  • 1:45 Zoom Room opens
  • 2:00 Opening Prayer
  • 2:05 Introductions and overview of Spring Workshop
  • 2:20 Communications and the Larger Lasallian Mission
    Ms. Elizabeth Moors Jodice – Director of Communications
    Christian Brothers Conference – Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN)
  • 3:05 Break
  • 3:15 General Session: Reflecting on How We Communicate our Lasallian Mission, Areas of Ongoing Support
    (open forum style)
  • 3:45 Break
    4:00 Getting the Lasallian Story at your Ministry Told
    Mr. Peter McHugh – Director of Media Relations & Strategic Communications
    Manhattan College
  • 4:45 Closing Prayer

Targeting Our Lasallian Audience

March 9  |  2pm-5pm

  • 1:45 Zoom Room opens
  • 2:00 Opening Prayer
  • 2:05 Lasallian Reflection #6/Declaration/Conversation
    Mr. Justin Martineau – Associate Director for Mission
    District of Eastern North America
  • 2:50 Break
  • 3:00 Breakout Session: Best Practice Sharing
  • 3:45 Break
  • 4:00 Paid Social Media Advertising, Exploring Facebook Ads Manager
    Ms. Sarah Ciociola / Ms. Marissa Karahuta – Senior Social Media Specialists
    PCG Digital
  • 4:45 Closing Prayer

Watching the Trends, Sharing our Best

March 10  |  2pm-4:15pm

  • 1:45 Zoom Room opens
  • 2:00 Opening Prayer
  • 2:05 Trends in the Social Media and Marketing Landscape
    Mr. Philip De Rita – Director of Communications & Public Relations
    District of Eastern North America
  • 2:50 Break
  • 3:00 General Session: Life After COVID, Lessons Learned, and the New Normal for our Mission
    (open forum style)
  • 4:00 Closing Prayer