Superior General Visit 2019

November 6 – 20, 2019

Brother Robert Schieler, FSC, Superior General, had quite a packed itinerary, visiting more than 20 ministries and Brothers’ communities throughout the District of Eastern North America as part of his Pastoral Visit to the Region! From November 6 through 20, Br. Robert traversed through 7 states and 2 countries, highlight being his keynote address at the District’s Association Celebration broadcast from La Salle University in Philadelphia on November 8th.

During his time in the District, accompanied by General Councilor Br. Timothy Coldwell, and our Brothers Visitor Dennis Lee, Lawrence Goyette, and Richard Galvin, Br. Robert met with Brothers, Lasallian Partners, donors and friends, Mission Executive and District Councils, Young Lasallian professionals, Lasallian Volunteers, and most importantly, Lasallian students. In receptions and Community meals, informal gatherings and formal meetings, Br. Robert shared his vision for the future of the mission, and listened to how the mission is being lived out here in DENA.

Right after his keynote address, Br. Robert met with La Salle students, faculty and staff representing different segments of university life. Br. Robert also sat in on the University’s annual poverty simulation at the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. The interactive exercise immerses students into role-playing capacities that give them a greater understanding of financial instability and prepare them to treat clients and patients who are living at or below the poverty line. “This University is committed to the local and international community,” Br. Robert said to La Salle’s nursing and health sciences students. “You not only learn, but you learn to give back. Our happiness is in giving back to others.”

In discussions with students, Br. Robert was able to hear how Lasallian education has an impact on individuals. “When living in my comfort zone, I am not living my faith,” said Mia, a Junior at La Salle Academy in Providence, during a sit down with the Superior General. She made it clear that her Lasallian education asks more of her. “I need to step out of that zone in order for my faith to be nourished and to grow.”

Life long Lasallian connections were present to Br. Robert during his visit. Bob Conway, Board member for La Salle School for Boys,  spoke on behalf of La Salle’s staff and administration at the reception. He reflected on why his connection and love for La Salle School as well as the Lasallian family is so strong. Mr. Conway reflected on the fact that he has held many titles in life,  including Mayor of Troy, Lasallian Leadership Institute graduate (along with Br. Robert), and La Salle Board member. “However,” he reflected, “the one I hold closest and dearest to my heart is that of being a Brothers’ Boy!” Mr. Conway credits his life’s successful journey to the care he received from the Brothers as a student and graduate of La Salle School.

Lasallian formation was a common theme during Br. Robert’s many visits. Questions of how more Lasallians can take part, and how formation should be looked at as a crucial part of leadership succession planning. At CBA Syracuse, Br. Robert met with teachers and staff who have graduated or are currently enrolled in Lasallian formation programs, and how it has changed their perspectives on the mission. “Attending the John Johnston Institute,” reflected Mr. Patrick Mullaney, Social Studies teacher, “has allowed me to become the Lasallian I wanted to be.”

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During Brother Superior’s Pastoral visit, he will be accompanied by RELAN General Councillor Brother Timothy Coldwell FSC and one of our Brothers Visitor while at many of the ministries of DENA.

Pastoral Visit Priorities and Initiatives

  • Direct service to the poor

  • Creative expressions of the Lasallian mission

  • Respond to the challenge “Beyond the Borders,” and exemplify a revitalized response to the Lasallian mission

One of the key highlights of Br. Robert’s visit will be his keynote address for the District’s Association Celebration. Returning to his home city of Philadelphia and alma mater, La Salle University, Br. Robert’s presentation will be live streamed on Friday November 8 to all Lasallians of DENA gathered together and by association at geographic sites throughout our District.

Read This: General Councilor for RELAN, Brother Timothy Coldwell, shares his reflections on the Superior General’s Visit


Wednesday, November 6
La Salle Hall

Thursday, November 7
Christian Brothers Conference
Calvert Hall College HS

Friday, November 8
La Salle University

Saturday, November 9
La Salle College High School

Sunday, November 10
Jeremy House

Monday, November 11
De La Salle College “Oaklands” Presentation Manor

Tuesday, November 12
San Miguel School RI
La Salle Academy RI
Tides Family Services

Wednesday, November 13
La Salle Institute
CBA Albany
La Salle School

Thursday, November 14
CBA Syracuse

Friday, November 15
The De La Salle School
Bishop Loughlin Memorial HS

Saturday, November 16

Sunday, November 17
Manhattan College

Monday, November 18
Manhattan College
De La Salle Hall
Mission Executive Council at CBA Lincroft
Combined District Council & Mission Executive Council at CBA Lincroft

Tuesday, November 19
District Council at CBA Lincroft
West Catholic Prep

Wednesday, November 20
Central Catholic HS
LEC/Huether Lasallian Conference

About Brother Robert’s Pastoral Visit

As part of his many responsibilities as Superior General, Brother Robert Schieler, FSC, visits all Lasallian regions and districts during his seven year term. These Pastoral visits are occasions for encouraging Brothers and Lasallian Partners and to be in dialogue with the leadership team of each District, identifying and addressing key areas of attention.

Washington, DC

Wyndmoor, PA

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Rhode Island

Albany / Troy


New York City




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Br Robert Schieler encourages the Lasallian community to advocate for the poor and the marginalized, for migrants and refugees, and to always promote a culture of encounter through dialogue, mutual understanding, empathy and compassion.
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Top left: Children at a La Salle school in Mozambique
Bottom left: Brother Robert Schieler, Superior General, in Medellín, Colombia.
Top right: Livestream of Br Schieler in CBA’s gym.
Bottom right: Mrs. Maloney from LSI involved in her group’s discussion.

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#SGinRELAN gives congratulations to our oldest #Lasallian ministry
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Br. Robert Schieler, FSC, Superior General of the Christian Brothers (Worldwide) shared this congratulatory message as Calvert Hall celebrates its 175th Anniversary.

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Demonstrating the vast, dynamic Lasallian community that backs the excellent Catholic education at CBA, we had a special visitor all the way from Rome this week.

The Superior General of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, Brother Robert Schieler, was on the CBA campus over the past two days. He directs over 3,500 Brothers in 79 countries across the world.

Brother Robert is just the third American Brother to be named Superior General, growing up in Philadelphia and attending a Lasallian high school and La Salle University there.

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On Tuesday we were lucky enough to host the Superior General of the Christian Brothers, Brother Robert Schieler '68. Brother Robert grew up on Yocum Street in Southwest Philadelphia, attended MBS for grade school before matriculating to West Catholic and then went on to Lasalle University.
While here Brother Robert met with Bishop Michael Fitzgerald and Irene Horstmann Hannan from the Faith in the Future Foundation along with other administrators, and spoke to students and staff about the important work happening here at West Catholic. Brother Robert is visiting the United States from Rome! Thank you to Brother Robert for taking the time to visit his alma mater and for all he does on behalf of LaSallian ministries throughout the world! #SGinRelan

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