Nakuru, Kenya

Headmaster: Brother Francis Njoroge, FSC

About the School

The Child Discovery Centre, is an outreach program of the De La Salle Christian Brothers in Nakuru, Kenya. The project was begun recently to try in some small way to meet the growing street children problem that has exploded in cities across Africa. Because of poverty, unemployment, marital instability, single parent families, and most recently, the scourge of the AIDS pandemic, there are literally thousands of children in every community who are either orphans or in a family situation with no one to care for them. Brother Francis Kamanda, FSC, is the founder and administrator of the Child Discovery Centre which is located in the Lanet section of Nakuru. There are about 40 boys and girls, all of them very poor, in this program. At this time, the children attend the public school in the area. Plans are underway to open a technical school at the Centre.

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U.S. Twin School


Central Catholic High School
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Contact: Bro. Robert Schaefer, FSC, Principal

Christian Brothers Academy
Syracuse, New York
Contact: Bro. Joseph Jozwiak, FSC, Principal

La Salle Academy
New York, New York
Contact: Dr. William Macatee, Principal

Ocean Tides School
Narrangansett, Rhode Island
Contact: Ms. Jane Genereux, Principal

Saint John’s College High School
Washington, Distict of Columbia 
Contact: Bro. Mark Brown, FSC