Rongai, Kenya

Headmaster: Brother Michael Kimotho, FSC

About the School

Rongai Agricultural and Technical Secondary School was established by the Brothers of the Christian Schools of Kenya in 1973. It provides low tuition but quality education for students from poor families. There are 360 students in Forms one to four (Grades 9 to 12). The school maintains its own farm and produces all of its food. In addition to formal education, the students are taught how to grow cereals and vegetables; raise poulty, pigs and cows; and farm management skills. Rongai students ranked 38th place in the 2006 national school-leaving exams in Kenya, out of 4,200 schools. Students are taught skills in computer technology and real-life experiences in farming.

How your contributions are used

Maintenance and expansion of the school full/half bursaries to the neediest students

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La Salle Academy
Providence, Rhode Island 
Contact: Mrs. Leslie Martinelli

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