Nyeri, Kenya

Headmaster: Brother Peter Kombe, FSC
e-mail: stmary@africaonline.co.ke

About the School

St. Mary’s Boys Secondary School was established in 1962 by the Catholic Diocese of Nyeri. In 1990, the Archbishop of Nyeri invited the Brothers of the Christian Schools to take over the administration of the school. St. Mary’s is a regular high school with grades 9 to 12 and an enrollment of 440 students. All students board since the cost and availability of public transport would make it more expensive to live off-campus and commute to school each day. The school serves primarily families from poor villages. The students are bright and serious about their studies. In the 2006 National Exams, St. Mary’s was ranked 23 out of over 4,200 high schools in the country. Over 55 percent of the graduating class qualified for the free public National University. St. Mary’s Child Rescue Center was started by the Brothers in 1998 as an outreach to abandoned and street children in Nyeri. The children range from four to 14 years old and live at St.Mary’s. Those in the primary grades attend the local, public schools. The children who have completed eighth grade go to St. Mary’s Secondary or St. Mary’s Polytechnic (both free tuition). St. Mary’s Polytechnic (vocational skills program) opened in 2006 for children in the Child Rescue Center who have completed eighth grade and are not academically inclined. The three-year program offers multiple skills training in carpentry, welding, electrical and others.

How your contributions are used

Donations from Twinning are divided between the three programs—St. Mary’s Boys Secondary School, the Child Rescue Center and St. Mary’s Polytechnic. The funds are used to provide specific support to the children from very poor families that are regularly admitted into St. Mary’s Secondary or those “graduating” from the primary-level program into the secondary or the polytechnic.

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