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The Office for Mission and Ministry Webinar Series 2018

Treasures from the East: An Overview of the Hindu and Buddhist Traditions



Studies of human DNA indicate that, unless you are African, your ancestors once resided in the southern tip of India. As one expert put it, “Mother India, indeed!” And from India come the world’s oldest set of religious traditions including the world’s most ancient scriptures, the Vedas, all of which have their roots in the stone age.  Come join us for three ninety minute sessions exploring these wonderfully colorful cultures, beliefs and practices that today are collectively known as Hinduism. And don’t forget that it is impossible to understand Buddhism without first studying Hinduism.


It began as a reaction against the dominant religion of that time a place, an attempt to reform Hinduism as it was practiced in what is now Nepal. The Buddha was a seeker who had an itch that the Hinduism of his day could not scratch, and so he set out to find a new way to deal with the suffering that plagues human existence (and recall that like other Hindus, Buddha accepted the doctrine of reincarnation, so human suffering could last for thousands of lifetimes). Come join us for three ninety minute sessions exploring the life of the Buddha, the core doctrines of Buddhist teaching and practice, and some of the various forms of Buddhism that exist in today’s world.

Presenter:  Ed Sirois, La Salle Academy, Providence

Dates (all sessions 4:00 – 5:30 EST)

Hinduism  1 Tuesday  April 10
Hinduism 2  Tuesday April. 17
Hinduism 3  Tuesday April 24

Buddhism 4  Tuesday May 1
Buddhism 5  Tuesday May 8
Buddhism 6  Tuesday May 15


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Living the Charism in Association for Mission Directional Statement

In order to foster and enrich our Lasallian charism, we recognize the need to invite and encourage all members of Lasallian communities to associate for mission. We aim to ensure that each local ministry is supported by, and in turn, supports district, regional and international formation initiatives.

1. The District of Eastern North America will utilize 21st century learning modalities and current technology to develop accessible, innovative, engaging, and relevant formation programs for Lasallians, accessing expertise from throughout the Region and Institute.
2. The District will put special emphasis on providing opportunities to enrich the Lasallian charism by fostering interreligious understanding and dialogue; and, participation by those of all faith traditions in the mission.