“There is power in listening because you honor the needs of others by truly hearing what they need. We listen to learn, to erase assumptions, to nurture the other, to uphold human dignity, to bring peace, to connect and to grow. We shall build relationships globally to empower all communities of the world to live justly, act tenderly and walk humbly in our shared mission.”  P.J. Thompson, Blog from Lasallian Global Women’s Symposium.

Listening with Our Hearts to Transform the World.

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Through the generous hospitality of Brother Domenic Viggiani, the leadership of Ms. Lynda Burlon, and the welcoming engagement of De La Salle Oaklands community, we are pleased to introduce this second location in Toronto, Canada.

Road to Emmaus

This year’s theme is inspired by three documents that have been recently published by the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. The first document, is the final report from the Lasallian Global Women’s Symposium held in Auckland, New Zealand in July 2018. The second document is Lasallian Reflection #3 Lasallians Without Limits and the third document is Brother Robert Schieler’s Christmas Pastoral Letter to the Brothers, Set Out In Haste: Association for the Lasallian Mission. These three documents, intersect in a manner that not only inspires the present moment but presents an Emmaus roadmap for the future of the Lasallian mission and the unique participation and contribution of women in that mission.

The retreats will include time for reflection, renewal, and recreation. Presentations and topics will focus on the cultivation of a spirituality that is attentive to living in God’s holy presence through a deepening understanding of our Lasallian vocation and of the mission.

Resources for the Women’s Retreat can be found at www.lasalle.org

DENA Women's Retreat 2018

For questions or concerns, please contact Maryann Donohue-Lynch

Past DENA Women’s Retreats

  • March 2013: Together In Our Lasallian Association
  • July 2013: RELAN Women’s Symposium, Russian River, CA
  • March 2014: Companions of the Lasallian Journey
  • April 2015: Living In the Merciful Presence of God (Pope Francis’ Year of Mercy)
  • April 2016: Martha and Mary: The Eternal Dance
  • March 2017: Roll Away the Stone!
  • July 2017: Lasallian Global Women’s Symposium, Auckland, New Zealand

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