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Lasallians Looking for a New Ministry Position

This employment section is for use by Lasallian educators, past and present, who would like to continue their careers and ministries within the Lasallian Family.

  • Ms. Sandra McKay
    Position of Interest: School Counselor
    Lasallian Connection: School Counselor – La Salle Academy, New York, NY
    Resume attached

  • Mr. Kyle Garesché
    Position of Interest: Secondary Education – History / Social Science
    Lasallian Connection: Lasallian Volunteer – West Catholic Preparatory High School, Philadelphia, PA / De LaSalle Blackfeet School, Browning, MT
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To request a posting of your resume in this section, please send a PDF for consideration and approval.

Alan Weyland, Executive Director for Mission and Ministry

Include in the e-mail answers to the following questions:

  1. Are you able/willing to relocate?
  2. Position(s) you are interested in?
  3. Lasallian ministries you have been employed or volunteered, and the number of years of service?
  4. Please provide a copy (e-mail, letter, etc.) of a correspondence from a Chief Administrator stating either a) that they are aware you are looking for a new ministry opportunity or b) their recommendation for future employment at a Lasallian institution

NOTE: If you cannot provide this correspondence, please let us know the reason(s) why in the e-mail, or contact the Executive Director for Mission and Ministry in the District Office – (732) 380-7926

Lasallians Looking for a New Ministry Position is a service of the District of Eastern North America and its Office for Mission and Ministry, and in no way guarantees your resume will be posted, or that a new place of employment will be secured. This service is only available to those who have, or are currently, carrying out the Lasallian educational mission.