In Thanksgiving

Our Lasallian Educators have been working hard to continue the Lasallian mission during an unprecedented year. Show them your thanks as we from DENA thank them for everything they do!



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How have Lasallian educators made this transition easier?accompanied you when not in person?gone above and beyond?continued to be supportive, caring, and inspiring?inspired you to share in prayer at distance?

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Mr. Rosich from our Science Department has adapted to distance learning by conducting online labs. Here is a snapshot of him instructing students how to use the virtual mineral lab! #distancelearning #science #shoutoutlasallianeducators ...

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A #ShoutOutLasallianEducators! You are a gift to the #Lasallian educational mission...a special thank you for all you've done and continued to do these many months for your students... link in our bio! #WeAreLaSalle ...

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Take this opportunity to give a quick "Thanks" to your #Lasallian Educators on your social media channels for all they have done in 2020 to make #LasallianEducation possible! #ShoutOutLasallianEducators with well-wishes for the holidays and the new year too! ...

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Share your stories of how you’ve been supported as you have been social distancing!

Share your gratitude with the Lasallian family about all your Lasallian educators!

Navigating Uncertain Times

Lasallian Educators on the Front Line

As COVID-19 has changed our everyday normal, our Lasallian Educators: Christian Brothers, Child Care Workers, Social Workers, Counselors, Information Technology Specialists, Board Members, Administrators have risen to the challenge. Lasallian education has always been innovative and practical, meeting students where they are, addressing the current reality, and our Lasallian family is doing exactly that.

In a matter of weeks, Lasallian educational institutions have pivoted from in-class instruction to teaching in virtual classrooms, in living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms of the students, continuing their coursework.

For our youth and family service ministries, St. John Baptist de La Salle’s instruction to be brothers and sisters to the young people “entrusted to their care” has taken on a much deeper meaning today. In these uncertain times, Lasallian students and clients living in our residential care facilities look to Brothers and Lasallian Partners more than ever for a sense of safety, guidance, and care.

For those youth and their families not in residential care, but reliant on youth and family ministries for daily supervision and support, Lasallians are still answering their needs while navigating the challenges the coronavirus presents to our overall health and safety.

Thank you for your prayers and positivity, and for showing your Lasallian Educators your appreciation as we continue to navigate these days, weeks, and months ahead.

For more information about this initiative, reach out to Phil De Rita or Maryann Donohue-Lynch