Lasallians from St. Raymond Parish joined Christian Brothers to Give Thanks and Celebrate

Riverdale, NY – In the Chapel of De La Salle and His Brothers, on the Manhattan College campus, more than 125 members of the St. Raymond Parish, past and present, along with Christian Brothers who had served at St. Raymond High School for Boys celebrated the Lasallian mission that had been present in Parkchester for more than 150 years. Thanks to Monsignor Thomas Derivan for presiding over the Mass, and for John Knapp, local parish Pastor and 1978 St. Raymond graduate for joining him!  A very special thanks to St. Raymond graduates, families, and the many Lasallians who joined us on a wonderful day to celebrate and remember!

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 Special thanks to Br. Joseph Grabenstein, FSC, District Archivist, for the photos.

Br. Richard Galvin, FSC – Auxiliary Visitor, and 1982 graduate of St. Raymond High School for Boys, offered the following reflection…

“Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me.”

We are truly blessed that Brothers and partners have humbled themselves and received children in the name of Jesus for 153 years through the various Lasallian ministries at St. Raymond Parish.

Yes, blessed that Br. Teliow moved the Catholic Protectory to then Westchester, today, known as Parkchester, that Msgr. McKenna opened the elementary school and Br. Justin Julian became the first principal of the boys’ department, that Msgr. Corrigan purchased the Con Ed building for the Boys’ High School and Br. Martin Schmidt served as its first principal, and that Br. Raymond Meagher launched the St. Raymond Outreach Program.

Yes, thanks to all those blessings and so many more, Lasallians have touched the minds and hearts in St. Raymond Parish since 1865. Today, we give thanks for that opportunity and remind ourselves of the message from the master to the servant in the parable of the Talents, “Well done good and faithful servants!” Thousands of young people have benefited from the presence of Brothers and Partners alike and if they were here today, no doubt, would echo the master’s words.

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For most of us here today there are likely two connecting threads, St. Raymond Elementary and St. Raymond High School for Boys. Certainly each has and continues to be a blessing to the archdiocese of New York, each has and continues to be a blessing to the Bronx. However, what struck me as I prepared this reflection is the blessing St. Raymond has been to each of us as individuals. Whatever your relationship, as a staff member, teacher, counselor, coach, student, graduate or friend, without that relationship or connection you would not be sitting here today and have the feelings you do for those who sit along-side you. As I see it, that is the most important aspect of our giving thanks, the connection to our heart. It’s the reason all these blessings will be held dear long after this day.

The Rule of the Brothers states, “The Lasallian charism is a gift of the Holy Spirit given to the Church in view of a human and Christian education. The Brothers joyfully share the same mission together with their partners who recognize and live the Lasallian charism.” Yes, we are truly blessed to know and have witnessed how the Lasallian charism has been lived out and shared in St. Raymond Parish. Whether your memory is of Sisters Mary Ligouri & Grace Matthew, Br. Luke’s choir, the Miss Leahys, high school legends Br. Andrew O’Gara & Mr. Patnosh, the office trinity of Mrs. Doyle, Fahey & Picco, or rolling r’s with Mrs. Belak, Brothers and Partners have shared the mission together and of that we are proud. Sharing that mission has enabled a human and Christian education to be provided to young people through the years, most recently at the Boys’ High School.

We are blessed to know that Brother David, Br. Edward, and Br. Vincent will continue to witness that same charism in their new communities and ministries. And so, as we pray in thanksgiving for all these blessings, we also pray in a special way for the many young men, teachers and staff who will continue to walk through the doors on Purdy Street and St. Raymond Ave. May they know God’s love and that God wants the best for them.

St. John Baptist de La Salle…..
Live Jesus in Our Hearts…..

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Give Thanks & Celebrate!

153 Years of Lasallian Mission in Parkchester and St. Raymond Parish


Saturday, August 4, 2018

10:00 a.m. Mass

Manhattan College

4513 Manhattan College Parkway, Riverdale, NY 10471
The Chapel of De La Salle and His Brothers


Let us pray in thanksgiving for the many De La Salle Christian Brothers and Associates who have dedicated their efforts in providing a human and Christian education to the young people of Parkchester and beyond since 1865.

After Mass, there will be an opportunity for light refreshments, conversation, and companionship.
Parking will be available on campus. Manhattan College is handicapped accessible.
All are welcome! Please help spread the word about this celebration to anyone you know who is or has been associated with St. Raymond (alumni, parents, employees, & others)