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Prayer & Reflection

2 Martyrs of Rochefort (FSC)
5 St. Teresa of Calcutta
12 Holy Name of Mary
20 St. Jerome
22 Martyrs of Valencia (FSC)
27 Scubilion Rousseau FSC
9 The Turon Martyrs (FSC)
  Jaime Hilario FSC
11 Pope Saint John XXIII
12 Edith Stien (Sr. Benedicta of the Cross)
23 Arnold Reche FSC
31 All Hallow’s Eve
  Halloween (Jack-O-Lantern)
1 All Saints Day
16 All Saints Day (“For All the Saints”)
Blessed Martyrs of Almeria
21 The Heroic Vow (FSC) (Wynter Kelley)
29 Dorothy Day
10 Thomas Merton
06 Andre Bessette
29 Benilde Romancon FSC
30 Mutien Marie Wiaux FSC
2 Presentation of Lord
9 St Miguel Cordiero
13 Br. James Miller FSC
24 Oscar Romero
 30 Thea Bowman
7 John Baptist De La Salle
10 Teilhard de Chardin
23 Cesar Chavez
28 Gianna Molla
30 Daniel Berrigan S.J.
1 St Joseph the Worker
3 Philip and James
10 Damien de Veuster (the Leper)
15 John Baptist De La Salle
19 Raphael Rafiringa FSC
21 Franz Jaegerstatter
23 Archbishop Oscar Romero
29 Body and Blood of Christ
  Gratitude (Nicole Nordman)
  Now Thank We All Our God
  1st Week of Advent
  2nd Week of Advent
  3rd Week of Advent
  4th Week of Advent
  O Come, O Come, Emmanuel  (Linda Rhonstadt)
  After Christmas is Over
  Someday at Christmas (Stevie Wonder)
  The Day After Christmas
  The Epiphany
  Carrying the Cross (Br Frederick Mueller FSC)
  Getting Ready for Lent
  Why Lent 1 (Lasallian, edited) Why Lent 1?
  Why Lent 2? Ash Wednesday
  Why Lent 3? Holy Week
  Resurrection Reflection Risen: An Easter Reflection



  12 Virtues of Good Teacher (Lasallian)
  A Christian Reflection on Rosh Hashanah
  A Tame Jesus?
  Ave Maria (Josh Groden)
  Ben Linder (Matt Daly) Blessed Giovanni Battista Scalabrini
  Caravaggio’s Doubting Thomas (Matt Daly)
  Christian Reflection on the Hajj Cousins, Sisters and Brothers Rev. Daniel Berrigan S.J.
  Fr. Georges Lemaitre/Big Bang Theory
  Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler (Matt Daly)
  Lasallian World and Mission (Br. Frederick Mueller FSC)
  O Breathe on Me, Breath of God
  Pacifism of Christ: Lasallian Perspective (Kevin Regan)
  Pier Giorgio Frassati
  Pope Francis Year of Mercy
  Raimon Panikkar Rejoice and Be Glad (Pope Francis)
  Return of Prodigal Son (Matt Daly)
  Simone Weil
  Sing Out Earth and Skies Teilhard de ChardinThe Summons
  The King Shall Come
  The Smell of the Sheep (Br Frederick Mueller FSC)
  The Storm (Matt Daly) Gabriel Moran Maria Harris
Biblical Videos
  Introduction to the Bible (part 1) Introduction to the Bible (part 2) Introduction to the Bible (part 3) Introduction to the Bible (part 4)Healing of Gerasene Demoniac
  Our Father: Lord’s Prayer in Context (Flanagin) The Kingdom of God
  Parable of the Good Samaritan
  Parable of Ten Maidens
  Parables of Mustard Seed/Yeast in Dough
  Parable of the Prodigal Son
  Parable of the Talents
  Parable of the Two Sons
  Parable of the Unforgiving Servant
  Parable of the Wedding Banquet
  Parable of the Wicked Tenants
  Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  Ten Commandments (part 1)
  Ten Commandments (part 2)
  Ten Commandments (part 3)
Catholic Social Teaching
  Catholic Social Teaching (part 1)
  Catholic Social Teaching (part 2)
  Catholic Social Teaching (part 3)
  Just War Theory (part 1)
  Just War Theory (part 2)
  Just War Theory (part 3)
  Just War Theory (part 4)
  Just War Theory (part 5)
  Just War Theory (part 6)
Church/Church History
  Bonhoeffer: Cost of Discipleship
  Jacques Maritain
  Pope Francis
  Vatican II: Church & World (Joseph Komanchak)
  Vatican II for Young Adults
  Cautionary Tales (Satire)
  Kohlberg: Moral Reasoning (part 1)
  Kohlberg: Moral Reasoning (part 2)
  Kohlberg: Moral Reasoning (part 3)
  Kohlberg: Moral Reasoning (part 4)
  Kohlberg: Moral Reasoning (part 5)
  Ten Commandments (part 1)
  Ten Commandments (part 2)
  Ten Commandments (part 3)
World Religions
  American Civil Religion?
  Hinduism: Raimon Panikkar
  Judaism: Sukkot Malwid al-Nabi Nirvana Day Purim/Esther


Faith Formation for Lasallian Educators
Faith Formation for Lasallian Educators Typical Week
Influence of Women on the Lasallian Mission

Graduates of LaSalle Academy, Providence

Rev. Raymond F. Collins
Rev. Angelo D’Agostino
Rev. Edward Flannery
Most Rev. Thomas Maloney
Most Rev. Russell J. McVinney
Edwin O’Connor
Dr. John O. Pastore Jr.
Rev. Raymond Tetreault/Romero