Increase access and opportunities for all Lasallians to participate in Association/Formation programs.

Goals & Preliminary Tactics

  • Afford opportunities to encourage and facilitate alumni/ae of the major District, regional, and international programs to share their learnings and contribute post-program to relevant projects in their local ministry and beyond.
    • Nurture the networks established by each program through resources, apps, and social media.
    • Solidify some of the more localized geographic links e.g. joint professional development days with local Brothers as key participants.
    • Engage with Chief Administrators around the importance of their support to Association program alumni/ae who are prepared to bring lessons learned and relevant projects back to their ministry.
  • Compose a District-wide curriculum involving Lasallian history, pedagogy, and spirituality for various constituencies (including Trustees, new hires, parent groups, and students and clients served at the middle school, high school, and tertiary age levels).
    • Contribute to and access the digital library of Lasallian resources maintained by the San Francisco-New Orleans District.
  • Foster and energize Lasallian vocations.
    • Use the power of personal invitation to engage all Lasallians in activities pertaining to Lasallian Association programming.

Download the PDF – Strategic Plan – Association/Formation
Committee Work

If interested in offering suggestions or learning more about this strategic priority, please contact Br. Thomas Casey, FSC, Auxiliary Visitor