Incorporate more deeply the ministry of evangelization into the responsibilities of those in governance,  teaching, and administration and also into the everyday life of students, clients, and their families.

Goals & Preliminary Tactics

  • Develop and encourage the use of programs, webinars, presentations, and materials to broaden the understanding of Lasallian evangelization, of the presence of God across diverse faith traditions, and of our Lasallian mission to infuse the Good News of Jesus into the lives of people we touch.
    • Establishing a “hiring for mission” program/series that includes orientation plans and materials pertaining to evangelization for new employees and Board members that can be adapted by ministries of all types.
    • Developing and offering interfaith programming including a world religions program, webinars, direct interaction with other faith leaders/members, and digital modules for short personal formation and reflection.
    • Creating a digital library of Lasallian and other texts related to evangelization and background on other faith traditions.
  • Inspire ministries to promote a tradition of Lasallian evangelization among all members of their community.
    • Sharing “success stories” of other ministries.
    • Endorsing and supporting ministry efforts to strengthen and increase ministry-based time in spiritual reflection.
  • Optimize the impact that Brothers and Legacy Lasallians, especially those who are not in active ministry, can make on an individual ministry’s ability and commitment to develop a tradition of Lasallian evangelization within its community.
    • Identifying potential roles that would provide a visible presence to ministries in many capacities e.g. mentors, tutors, participants in prayer life and hosts to students in Brothers’ community life.
    • Identifying potential candidates for this type of service.

If interested in offering suggestions or learning more about this strategic priority, please contact Ms. Maryann Donohue-Lynch, Associate Executive Director of the Office for Mission & Ministry