Create a bold, compassionate and practical Lasallian vision, on the District level and on the local level, of what it means to serve “especially the poor” having looked critically at existing practices and assessed current needs.

Goals & Preliminary Tactics

  • Affirm and challenge the ways DENA ministries live out the five core principles of Lasallian education in addressing persons from the lower socioeconomic strata of society.
    • Disseminate information and stories regarding the ways that ministries currently serve those who are economically poor.
  • Develop and adopt an advocacy role for DENA within its mission to be especially for the poor.
    • Encourage attention to Catholic social teaching in curriculum and service activities.
    • Assist Lasallians to learn and practice Catholic social teaching as a catalyst for advocacy and systemic change.
  • Focus awareness on schools and agencies that experience difficulties and require support in securing their future.

Download the PDF – Strategic Plan – Service of the Poor
Committee Work

If interested in offering suggestions or learning more about this strategic priority, please contact Mr. Alan Weyland, Executive Director of the Office for Mission & Ministry