Contact Program



The Contact program includes:

  • Personal connection with one Brother, who will help guide you in your growth in prayer and personal spirituality
  • Opportunities to attend an annual retreat with other Brothers and Contacts, all at varying stages of formation
  • Opportunities to live and work as a Brother for 4 weeks during the summer months
  • Visits to local Brother’s communities

Brother Michael Andrejko, FSC at



Joshua Bashore

Enrolled: St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota
Currently studying: German and history with a minor in education

Through the Contact Program, I am hoping to grow in my faith, hopefully learn what God wants for me, and meet other like-minded individuals and learn from them.

My contact with the Brothers started in high school with my German teacher, Brother Charles Fliberg. I would often talk with him after school, mostly about what we did in class to improve my German. Eventually our conversations came to be about faith, and later Catholicism, and this past spring, I was honored to have him as my Confirmation Sponsor.

Outside of academics, I am interested in multiple things. One is karate, which I took classes in all through elementary, middle and high school. As for hobbies, I enjoy reading, especially nonfiction. I also enjoy model building.

James Brown

Graduated: De La Salle Collegiate, Warren, MI, Class of 2018
Currently studying: Criminal Justice or Flight Science at Macomb Community College

During my four years at De La Salle, I learned that there’s a strong brotherhood throughout the high school. I became interested in the contact program when Brother Francis Eells came to my school in my junior year and told us what the Christian Brothers are all about. In October of my senior year, Brother Francis and Brother Michael Andrejko came back to see if I would be interested in participating in the Discovery Day. I thought to myself, “Discovery Day sounds like a good opportunity to see if I would want to be a Christian Brother…why not give it a try?!” Now here I am as a Contact.

Nate Ledoux

Nathan Ledoux

Graduated: LaSalle Academy, Providence, RI, 2016
Hometown: Rehoboth, MA

From outside of Providence, Nathan is a graduate of LaSalle Academy, Providence, where he was enrolled in the PEGASUS 7/8 middle school program before becoming a student at the high school level. Now, at the Catholic University of America, Nathan is completing a dual major track in Theology & Religious Studies and French & Francophone Studies with hopes of being able to teach. Nathan is also pursuing a minor in philosophy and a Certificate in Pastoral Ministry. Nathan became a contact his senior year of high school after having attended Discovery Day at LaSalle. Since becoming a contact, Nathan has been on contact retreats at the Brothers center in Narragansett and at Manhattan College. In addition to being a full time student, Nathan is presently working as a Sacristan at the St. John Paul II National Shrine and as a Resident Assistant on campus at the University. Nathan plans to study abroad in France before interning as a catechist while completing his studies.