DENA Discernment Event

Born from a suggestion by high school seniors at one of our Lasallian High Schools, this gathering is a compact but meaningful opportunity for young people from DENA’s ministries to meet in person and together, be in discussion and prayer around vocation.

Summit FAQ

What is this summit about?

This gathering will focus on vocations. We hope to help you explore what God is calling you to in your life; what your talents, skills, energy, passions may be pointing you to as you think about what you are supposed to do with this life.

Why a summit?

Sometimes you need to get away from your normal routine so you can look at a topic from a different angle, with other people, and with guidance. We hope this gathering will provide you the opportunity to quiet your everyday responsibilities, and tune in to the topic of vocation.

Why should I attend?

  • Maybe you are curious as to what direction your life needs to be taking?
  • Maybe you are curious about who else is thinking about vocations?
  • Maybe you need to hear others voice their curiosity?
  • Maybe you need to know you are not alone with your questions?
  • Maybe you have questions that you find strange, and don’t know who to ask?

At this gathering we want you to feel open to the Spirit, and ask questions that will help you explore your vocational call.