Association Committee Bios

Ted Frank

Ted Frank joined Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School in Brooklyn, NY, in 2007. He serves as Library Media Specialist, Lasallian Animator, and Lasallian Volunteer Site Director. As the Coordinator for the Lasallian Association for Metropolitan Ministries (LAMM), Ted represents NYC, Long Island, and NJ ministries on the Association for Lasallian Mission Committee. He had represented the Association for Lasallian Mission Committee at the 2018 Huether Conference by leading a breakout session on the Best Practices of Lasallian Associative Groups. A graduate of the First Cohort of the John Johnston Institute of Contemporary Lasallian Practice, in recent years he has facilitated one of the online JJI groups. He also led the Young Lasallians Practicum at the Buttimer Institute of Lasallian Studies. Ted has served on a number of Lasallian Mission Assessment Teams and is a graduate of the VEGA program. Ted is proud to call himself Lasallian!

Charles “Skip” Gaus, AFSC

Skip was introduced to Lasallian childcare in 1971 when he was invited to work in Discovery Leadership Institute by Brother Joseph Schmidt, FSC. The program was designed to address the needs of Philadelphia youth in overcoming the challenges of poverty and assist in bridging a path to college. In 1977, he began a lifelong journey in the ministry of childcare and delinquent services when he was hired to develop an experiential/outdoor education program at De La Salle Vocational, a component of the St. Gabriel’s System for delinquent youth. Skip had the blessing of being mentored by many Brothers and, over time, grew to understand his work as a vocation rather than just a job. He served in several capacities in St. Gabriel’s System over 42 years, the last 30 years as Director of De La Salle in Towne and De La Salle Vocational before retiring in 2019.  His journey has been blessed with opportunities to serve the District, Region, and International mission as he has participated in the 1st cohort of the Lasallian Leadership Institute, served on the Legacy Baltimore District Mission Council, was appointed as a Lay consultant to the 43rd General Chapter, followed by serving as a delegate to the first International Mission Assembly, DENA Mission Assembly, and the RELAN Lasallian Education Council. Skip also participated in the development of LAYFS and PALM, two associative groups of the District of Eastern North America. 

Lawrence Goyette

A Brother for more than 50 years, Br. Lawrence is best known as the founder of the San Miguel School educational model and movement. Founding the first San Miguel School in Providence, Rhode Island, Br. Lawrence’s leadership and vision have created educational opportunities for the most vulnerable of young men. Since stepping down as the founding Executive Director of the San Miguel School for more than 20 years, Br. Lawrence acted as a full-time consultant and assistant in founding the De La Salle Academy (a San Miguel School) in Concord, California, and later as an advisor to the national Lasallian Volunteer program. Most recently serving as the director for the Manhattan College Brothers’ Community, Br. Lawrence is lauded for the pastoral care of his fellow Christian Brothers. As Auxiliary Visitor, Br. Lawrence has helped to continue to implement the District’s Vision 2020+ Strategic Plan, notably in the Association/Formation initiatives.

Justin Martineau

A nine-year Lasallian educator, Justin has served the educational community at De La Salle High School in New Orleans, LA, since 2011. He began his Lasallian career as a religious studies teacher and would be invited to be an Assistant Campus Minister, aiding the department’s director in planning, executing, and evaluating class-level retreats, coordinating all schoolwide liturgies and faculty retreats, and serving as a member of the school’s adult formation team. That same faith and zeal that animates Justin’s Lasallian vocation also called him to District and Regional service. He would help to plan and participate in the NOLAsallian Convocations, bringing together Lasallian educators from those ministries for formation and association. He was a moderator for San Francisco New Orleans’ Lasallian Student Leaders program, a planning committee member for the leadership-focused program for Lasallian students, and after graduating from the Lasallian Region of North America’s (RELAN) three-year Buttimer Institute for Lasallian Studies in 2015, Justin was invited back as a staff member. 

Elissa Pensa Cerros

Elissa Pensa Cerros graduated from NYU with a BA in Dramatic Literature and Theatre History and an MA in Film and Communications. She has ministered at La Salle Academy since 2000 as a theatre, film, and video teacher, resident scenic and lighting designer, and director of Arts Alive! for a number of years. Elissa was part of LLI Cohort IV (the best cohort), was a founding member and co-chair of LI-NE Young Lasallians, Chair of DENA Young Lasallians, and chair of the Regional YL steering committee which led her to serve on the International Council of Young Lasallians. As part of her work in association, Elissa has served on planning teams for, presented at, or created media content for: Huether Conferences, VEGA workshops, retreats for Lasallian Women, gatherings for Animators, and the Lasallian Convocation on the Rights of the Child and the Buttimer Institute. Elissa currently serves as the RILAG representative to the Association for Lasallian Mission Committee.

John Voutsinos

John attended De La Salle College “Oaklands” in Toronto from 1994-1999 where he got his first taste of association when the De La Salle “Oaklands” soccer team traveled to Syracuse to play in an all Lasallian soccer tournament. Since then, he has returned to the school where he worked as a teacher and guidance counsellor. He currently holds the position of vice principal, and is a founding member of the Western Association Group of Lasallians (WAGL), and  he had the pleasure of hosting the first gathering in Toronto.

Association for Lasallian Mission Committee

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Colin Crawford
St. John’s College High School

Ted Frank
Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School

Skip Gaus, AFSC
Legacy Lasallian

Br. Lawrence Goyette, FSC
By Rite of Office

Justin Martineau

Elissa Pensa-Cerros
La Salle Academy – Providence

Anthony Shilen
St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute

John Voutsinos
De La Salle College “Oaklands”


Br. Anthony Baginski, FSC
Central Catholic Community

Br. Frank Byrne, FSC, Chair
Christian Brothers Academy Lincroft Community

Br. Gerard Conforti, FSC
Christian Brothers Academy Lincroft Community

Br. Gerard Frendreis, FSC
La Salle Hall Community

Br. Timothy Froehlich, FSC
Provincialate Community

Br. Joseph Juliano, FSC
Provincialate Community

Br. John Patzwall, FSC
La Salle Hall Community