There exists within the structure of Mission and Ministry in the District of Eastern North America four Lasallian Associations that function to promote the Lasallian Mission within similar ministries.

The focus of each of the Associations and their respective mission councils includes but is not be limited to:

  • Lasallian formation
  • Professional conferences and staff development
  • Training of new teachers, youth and family services workers, and staff
  • Resource and personnel sharing
  • Mission quality and effectiveness evaluation
  • Fidelity to the Lasallian Charism
  • Public relations and fund raising
  • Response to international/regional requirements and structures
  • Advocacy and public policy support networks and activities

Higher Education

  • Br. Jack Curran, FSC
    Vice-President for Mission – Manhattan College
  • Br. Michael McGinniss, FSC
    President – La Salle University
  • Dr. Margaret McGuinness
    Executive Director-Office of Mission – La Salle University
  • Dr. Brennan O’Donnell
    President – Manhattan College

Secondary Schools

  • Mr. Edward Bernot
    V.P. for Student Affairs – Central Catholic High School
  • Br. Dennis Cronin, FSC
    President – Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School
  • Br. Joseph Jozwiak, FSC
    Principal – Christian Brothers Academy-Syracuse
  • Mr. Don Kavanagh
    Principal – La Salle Academy-Providence
  • Br. Richard Kestler, FSC
    President – La Salle College High School
  • Mr. Jeff Mancabelli
    President – St. John’s College High School
  • Mr. Joseph Pupo
    Principal – De la Salle College “Oaklands”
  • Mr. James Schlegel
    Principal – Christian Brothers Academy-Albany

Youth and Family Services

  • Dr. James Black
    Assistant Executive Director – St. Gabriel’s System
  • Ms. Sophia Cartegena
    Preserving Family Networks – Tides Family Services
  • Mr. Kenneth Childs
    Director of Preventive Services – Martin De Porres Group Homes
  • Mr. Charles Couto
    Assistant Principal – Ocean Tides School
  • Ms. Irene Cronin
    Education Department – La Salle School, Inc.
  • Mr. Drew Diko
    Teacher/Physical Education – Ocean Tides School
  • Mr. James Logan
    Director of De La Salle Vocational – St. Gabriel’s System
  • Mr. Eon Parks
    Assistant Executive Director – Martin de Porres Group Homes
  • Mr. Cesar Perez
    Director of Treatment Services – Tides Family Services
  • Mr. Richard Spargo
    Residential Director – St. Gabriel’s System
  • Ms. Elizabeth “Betty” Williams
    Director of Admissions – Martin De Porres Schools

Elementary and Middle Schools

  • Br. Thomas Casey, FSC
    Executive Director – De La Salle School
  • Br. Lawrence Goyette, FSC
    Executive Director – San Miguel School-Providence
  • Sr. Jeanne McGowan, SSJ
    President – La Salle Academy-Philadelphia
  • Mr. Don Mullikin
    President – San Miguel School-Washington D.C.