Offices of Administration, Advancement, and Finance

Under the leadership of  the Director of Administration, the office provides organizational and administrative support and planning to the activities and operations of the District. This office is also responsible for managing the legal activities of the District, overseeing DENA’s property portfolio, and assisting various related and support organizations.  The Office of Administration also oversees and coordinates the activities of the District Office at Eatontown, the Office of Communications and the Development Office of DENA.

Director, Brother Joseph Juliano, FSC

Mr. Philip De Rita
Director of Communications and Public Relations

Brother Charles Nuzzo, FSC
Associate Director of Communications

Mr. Patrick Donahue
Director of Advancement

Ms. Nancy Mahala
Administrative Assistant for Advancement

Office of Advancement

Office of Finance


Mr. Edward Meehan, Ms. Mary Ellen Hauser and Brother Timothy Froelich

Under the leadership of the Director of Finance, the office manages the daily fiscal affairs for District operations (FSC DENA) and its annual budgetary processes. It provides managerial and accounting services to related District entities and communities. The Finance Committee and its sub-committee on Investments provide guidance and direction to the office for long-term planning and fiscal management of the District.


Brother Timothy Froehlich, FSC

Mr. Edward Meehan

Mrs. Mary Ellen Hauser