Lasallian Education

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Transforming Lives Since 1680 

The Lasallian educational mission provides transformative experiences that are innovative and holistic.

Lasallian education is so much more than strong academics and scholastic success. Lasallian Education centers on Catholic values and personal relationships, emphasizing faith formation, inclusion, respect for the individual, and community service.

A Lasallian Education strives to enrich each student’s cultural, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development. Brothers of the Christian Schools and their Lasallian partners shape students to be civic minded leaders, compassionate ministers to those in need, and courageous advocates for social justice. Lasallian education does more than provide spiritual and intellectual foundations to break the cycle of poverty–it fosters a community, dedicated to being stewards of peace, and champions of equality.

The Lasallian community today consists of people who bind themselves in solidarity with others to ensure that the Christian school or Lasallian work in which they work will be a place of ‘salvation’ for all the young people who attend it. For no one is to be excluded. This ‘school’ is to be gratuitous, open to all, and it is to prepare young people to become whole, complete persons who will acquire the learning and the human skills which will enable them to live with dignity so as, in the famous words of (De La Salle’s) Conduct of Schools, “to be able to do anything.”

Lasallian Spirituality, by Br. Gerard Rummery, FSC

John Baptist de La Salle, Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, inspiration for Lasallian education mission

Beginning in the late 1600s, John Baptist De La Salle transformed education in France by forming a community of educators with whom he developed a spirituality of teaching and learning, to give a human and Christian education to young people, especially the poor.

Today, the De La Salle Christian Brothers and their Lasallian partners continue to respond to students through advancements in teaching, technology and scholarship. In Lasallian communities, educators touch hearts, stimulate minds and cultivate leadership to prepare students for life, work, and service to society and the Church. Young people who thirst for knowledge in our Lasallian ministries are immersed in an environment where learning is cherished. Even the most struggling student can work his or her way to academic success, all while rooted in Gospel values because of the Lasallian model of Christian education.