The Five Goals of Lasallian Education give expression and focus to the Lasallian character of our educational ministries.  Each of these five goals reflects an essential aspect of the vision and heritage of St. John Baptist de La Salle, the Brothers of the Christian Schools, and the Lasallian Mission. They serve as the basis for reflection and discussion in each school, guiding the assessment of the many ways the school embodies the vision of St. John Baptist de La Salle in its practices today through curricular and cocurricular activities.

1. Instill Gospel Values.

Ask for the grace to bring about the conversion of the hearts of those in your care.

— Meditation 196

2. Animated By and Foster a Spirit of Faith and Zeal.

You will contribute in your ministry only in so far as you have the fullness of faith and are guided by the spirit of faith.

— Meditation 139

3. Develop and Maintain Diverse Programs Meeting Recognized Standards of Excellence.

The Institute establishes, renews, and diversifies its works according to what the kingdom of God requires.

— The Brothers Rule, Article 11

4. Create and Sustain Respectful Human Relationships in Community.

As the only object of those who form a community should be to encourage each other in the service of God, they should strive earnestly to do so, and to live united in heart and mind.

— Meditation 113

5. Exercise a Preferential Option for the Poor.

For how long has Jesus been presenting himself to you and knocking at the door of your heart and you have not wanted to receive him. Why? Because he only presents himself under the form of a poor person.

— Meditation for the Principal Feast 85