The Directional Statements of the 2015 Mission Assembly guide us “Beyond our Borders” to further the Lasallian educational mission in our District

At the 2011 Mission Assembly we developed 16 directional statements that have helped guide our Mission work from 2012-2015. Subsequently, the Mission Executive Council developed 39 action items in support of these statements.

Now with the conclusion of the Christian Brothers’ 45th General Chapter, our Institute has refreshed the direction of the Lasallian Mission to meet the needs of youth today.

In Circular 469: The Documents of the 45th General Chapter, we as Brothers and Partners-in-Mission are asked to go beyond our borders. These include going beyond geographical, personal, congregational, cultural, religious, age, academic, social, self-interest, discouragement, structures, and consumerism in order to respond boldly and creatively to the urgent needs of the vulnerable.

“We are called “to go forth” not simply to unsettle our status quo but to go beyond our borders to the “peripheries,” to those places where the poor and vulnerable are found, to those places that are uncomfortable, edgy and avoidable but “in need of the light of the Gospel.” With that mandate, the Mission Assembly and District Chapter in 2015 set the direction for the Lasallian Educational Mission for subsequent years with these Directional Statements for the District of Eastern North America.



Click to download the pdf document of the Directional Statements



missionThe Action Plan for Mission 2012-2015 served as a blueprint to guide our mission over the three year period.

The creation of, oversight for, and accomplishment of the Action Plan for Mission is the specific responsibility of the District’s Mission Executive Council. However, all councils, educational ministries, and Lasallians in the District share in this responsibility as we all share in our Lasallian charism. Thus, everyone has an important role and stake in its success.

Click here to download the Action Plan for Mission