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January 19 1858

Archbishop Alemany of San Francisco wrote to the Superior General to request Brothers to come to California, saying that “the Brothers will have a large field here, and with God’s blessing they will render incalculable service to religion.” The pioneer Brothers finally arrived in the Golden State ten years later.

Bro. Angelus Gabriel, The Christian Brothers in the United States 1848-1948: A Century of Catholic Education (NY: McMullen, 1948), p. 448 and p. 454.

January 18 1937

Brother Jaime Hilario, aged 39, was the community gardener at the Brothers’ house of formation in Tarragona, Spain. Arrested and tried during the Spanish Civil War, he was shot on this day by anti-government, anti-religious authorities. He, with the Brother Martyrs of Turon (Spain), were all canonized as saints in 1999.

Lasallian Liturgies Fourth Edition (Washington, DC: Christian Brothers Conference, 2016), pp. 165-167.

January 17 1925

Although the Baltimore District’s Junior Novitiate began in 1881, it never had its own building until this day, when a new 4-story, brick structure opened its doors at Ammendale (MD). Junior Novices were young men who were considering the Brothers as a vocation and were continuing their high school education before moving on to the regular Novitiate program.

Christian Brothers magazine, Vol. 2, February 1925, p. 2.

January 16 1890

An alumni association for La Salle’s collegiate, preparatory, and commercial departments was revived in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Catholic Standard, January 25, 1890, p. 5, as cited by Francis X. Donohoe, “A History of La Salle CollegeÉ.”, p. 92 (dissertation located in La Salle University Archives).

January 15 1943

The world’s largest office building, The Pentagon, was completed just outside of Washington on this date during World War II. It was constructed under the supervision of John McShain, who was the builder of this and other iconic structures in Washington and Philadelphia. McShain attended–but never graduated from–La Salle College High School in Philadelphia, Class of 1917. He was a benefactor of the Christian Brothers and was named an Affiliated (Honorary) Brother.

James M. Foley, “John McShain — A Brothers’ Boy” in Explorer (La Salle College High School) Vol. 6, Autumn 1999, pp. 6-7. See also


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