Called by former Superior General Br. Alvaro Rodriguez Echeverria, FSC, to be Districts…

Without Borders

Brothers and Lasallians throughout DENA work tirelessly to educate the least, the last, and the lost in:

Eritrea | Ethiopia | France | Jamaica | Haiti
Kenya | Nigeria | Palestinian Territories
Philippines | Rome | Vietnam

DENA carries out  this call beyond the northeast in different ways, whether by deploying Brothers and Partners to serve at missionary schools and ministries, or by raising funds and awareness in order to provide children from other circumstances access to the best education possible.

The Lasallian family in the District of Eastern North America answers the call to be of support throughout the Institute, by the gift of themselves, in a vocation of education to those most in need.

Whether time, talent, or treasure, our Lasallian family explores every possible strength it has as a collective network to affect change, to provide a human, Christian education to the poor, especially the young.

Our District ministries Twinning with African schools is one example of how we serve others without borders.