Virtual Lasallian Youth Assembly 2021


A Regional Gathering | Thursday, July 15th, 2021

This formation experience is rooted in Gospel and Lasallian tradition while providing an opportunity to reinvigorate Lasallian Youth as we head toward the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Participants will have the opportunity to put a regional face to the Lasallian charism as youth gather for the first time in over 20 years at the United States and Canada level. Our current context provides what we believe is the perfect moment to join the forces of San Francisco-New Orleans, the Midwest, the District of Eastern North America, and Francophone-Canada for the Lasallian Youth event of the year. Please see the enclosures below for registration details, additional information, and important dates to keep in mind in anticipation of this event. We hope you will join us in making this the most successful event of the year.


Participants will be invited to consider how their vocational calls can connect with the promotion of social justice. Key tenets of the gathering will be to:

  • Connect the ongoing process of solidarity with persons in poverty
  • Encourage and support an authentic response to the Gospel and our Lasallian vocation
  • Continue to give life to the Lasallian 5 Core Principles
  • To continue to encourage our Lasallian Youth to analyze the world around them with hearts of faith and eyes for justice

Program Outcomes

  • Students will feel called to live out the 5 Core Principles or Core Values with a diverse perspective and a justice-oriented manner.
  • Students will be formed to serve as potential Lasallian Youth ambassadors for their school in the following ways:
  • Serving as a catalyst for the promotion of Lasallian Youth at the local school/ministry level
  • Assisting the animator/vocation coordinator (as needed) with instilling the Lasallian spirit in their ministry for the new school year
  • Supporting additional Lasallian Youth efforts as developed or initiated
  • Students will look to the future with a renewed sense of their Lasallian vocation, both in their school community and in considering the needs of the world.


When considering potential participants, please keep the profile information below in mind. We ask that each ministry ensures there is at least one moderator for every 7 students.

Student Participant Profile | Moderator Participant Profile


(Eastern Time)

12:00pm | Opening Ceremony

1:00 | Break

1:15 | Breakout Session 1

2:00 | Lunch/Snack Break

2:30 | Breakout Session 2

3:15 | Break

3:30 | Breakout Session 3

4:15 | Break

4:30 | Closing Ceremony

5:30 | LYA 2021 Concludes