“Gratuitousness makes it possible for us to welcome the stranger.”

–Pope Francis

July 30 – August 4

La Salle University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

$450 per person includes all meals, events, and housing

Please note that the ministry, not the student, will be billed. Delegates are not permitted to arrive late or leave early. Please check your schedules and ensure you and your students are available for the entire week.

During this Sunday through Friday retreat, we will explore our community and relationships, the respect we show for each other, and the authentic sharing of our unique selves, and our very being. These are but a few of the ways gratuity remains an essential part of Lasallian education in the 21st century. During our week of faith, service, and community, we will, together and by association, learn and serve the needs of our lives, our schools, our local communities, and our world.

The USCCB says the Church’s social teaching is a rich treasure of wisdom about building a just society and living lives of holiness amidst the challenges of modern society. Our increasingly divided world makes our work for justice more difficult, but all the more necessary. Our Lasallian heritage has shown throughout the centuries that gratuity and education are powerful tools in this vocation. From the establishment of the Institute, “Gratuity required that the Brother treat all his pupils equally, without favoring those who were better off, better looking, more attractive individually.”


  • Current 9th-11th grade students (10th-12th grade in Fall 2023)
  • Students actively involved with community service
  • Student leaders engaged in campus and or peer ministry or spiritual life
  • Students with the capacity to serve their school or local communities in deeper ways
  • Students who strive to model the qualities of a Lasallian education


  • Willing to actively engage in the activities of the week
  • Possesses a genuine openness to growth and deepening of their Lasallian vocation
  • Has the ability to facilitate and accompany small group conversations

Number of participants

Each ministry is invited to bring approximately 5-10 students with at least 1 adult moderator (faculty/staff only) providing accompaniment for every 6 student delegates. Note: If a majority of your school’s delegation is of one gender, please send at least one moderator of that same gender.

Registration Information

  • Have each participant (students and moderators) complete the web form by Wednesday, May 24. You may also complete it on their behalf.
  • You will receive a preliminary list on which your ministry will be billed. Final payment must be completed by Friday, June 9.
  • Required forms for each participant must be electronically transmitted (scan to email, fax, etc.) by Thursday, June 15 and hard copies must be brought with you to La Salle University.
  • It will not be possible to obtain a refund. Same-gender substitutions may be made until June 30.
  • Additional information, draft schedules, packing lists, etc. will be provided by mid-June.