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Chapter Assembly 2023

Enthusiasm and determination filled the Chapter & Assembly of the Lasallian District of Eastern North America. Through focused discussions on various Lasallian themes and in response to the General Chapter’s invitation to address new calls from the peripheries, we are all set to navigate the next years with purpose and passion. Join us and become a part of our mission-driven community.

Updates from the Week

July 30 – August 4

La Salle University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Becoming Transformational Agents
Lasallians United for Hope and Growth

The Adrien Nyel Project

Addressing the need to promote the vocation of the teacher, along with quality formation of young Lasallian educators, is a significant dimension of our charism and part of our responsibility to the church and the world. The teacher is the focus of Lasallian spirituality as a minister of God’s grace in the life of the students. For more information, please contact Br. Ernest Miller, FSC, Director of the Adrien Nyel Project, at

The District of Eastern North America (DENA) is a community of De La Salle Christian Brothers and Lasallian Partners operating schools and ministries to provide a Lasallian education in the northeast region of the United States and Toronto, Canada.

lasallian (lah-sal-yuhn)
a term to describe a ministry or person fulfilling the mission set forth by Saint John Baptist de La Salle.

The Lasallian vocation to compassion, commitment and togetherness comes in various ministries and programs of various shapes and sizes. It has already done so in the course of its history, and it is set to develop completely new forms to meet the needs of today. This is the story of Lasallian Association today. A Lasallian is anyone who is personally committed to living the gospel values and working to provide a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor.

Lasallian Education

Transforming Lives Since 1680

The Lasallian educational mission provides transformative experiences that are innovative and holistic, based on the teachings and writings of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. Beginning in the late 1600s, John Baptist De La Salle transformed education in France by forming a community of educators with whom he developed a spirituality of teaching and learning, to give a human and Christian education to young people, especially the poor. Today, the De La Salle Christian Brothers and their Lasallian partners continue to respond to students through advancements in teaching, technology, and scholarship.

Face of the Fund

THE ST. JOHN BAPTIST DE LA SALLE FUND seeks to ensure that a Lasallian education is available and accessible to those students most in need. Through an initial program of student sponsorship and a growing program of grants to identified schools, the Fund provides tuition assistance for students to attend a Lasallian school. With your support, we are now providing $845,000 annually for our students in need. All are welcome to join the Brothers and their Partners-in-Mission in this specially dedicated scholarship fund which continues to grow each year.

Ministries Throughout the District

Lasallian Brothers, Partners, and educators serve in various roles in high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, San Miguel schools, and more.