The Christian Brothers’
Annual Memorial Mass
A Virtual Celebration
Saturday, October 28, 2023
11:00 AM ET (Eastern Time)

(Memorial list will begin scrolling approximately 15 minutes prior to the Mass)

We invite you to join us virtually in prayer for the deceased members of our Lasallian family —
including Brothers, Affiliated and Benefacted Members, relatives of Brothers, Lasallian educators, and former Brothers.

The virtual format has allowed for us to be joined by many who were not previously able to attend an in-person Mass due to distance or other factors.
Therefore, we have decided to keep this format. We hope the online viewing again allows Brothers, family members, and friends anywhere to watch and pray with us.

If you have any questions please contact Patrick Donahue, Advancement Director at (732) 380-7926 or

Annual Memorial List from October 17, 2023 to October 18, 2023

(Please note: This list includes the members of each category about whom we have been notified.)


Brother William Fealy – Calvert Hall College High, Towson MD 12/26/22
Brother Louis Jaeger – La Salle Hall, Beltsville MD 01/10/23
Brother Patrick King – St. John’s College High, Washington DC 05/10/23
Brother John Muller – De La Salle Hall, Lincroft NJ 06/04/23
Brother Michael Reis – De La Salle Hall, Lincroft NJ 09/24/23
Brother Edward Sheehy – La Salle University, Philadelphia PA 12/22/22
Brother Dominic Smith – La Salle Hall, Beltsville MD 01/29/23
Brother William Winter – De La Salle Hall, Lincroft NJ 05/15/23


H. Stephen Christenson III, DDS, BFSC 03/20/23
Most Rev. Howard J. Hubbard, AFSC (Emeritus) 08/19/23
Sister Virginia Lacker, RSM, AFSC 10/31/22
John Yanas, BFSC 01/08/23


Sister Mary Buckley CIJ – sister of Brother John Buckley – Christian Brothers Center, Narragansett RI 03/12/23
Teresita Durkin – sister of Brother Thomas Dunn – Christian Brothers Center, Narragansett RI 01/18/23
Theodora Gifford – niece of the late Brother Augustine Loes 04/04/23
Leonard Gisondo – brother of Brother Dominic Gisondo – Christian Brothers Academy, Lincroft NJ 04/03/23
Priscilla Henderson – mother of Brother Brian Henderson – Jeremy House, Philadelphia PA 03/21/23
Jean Nicoletti – mother of Brother Augustine Nicoletti – Manhattan College, Bronx NY 03/08/23|
Rosemary Sheehy – mother of the late Brother Edward Sheehy 10/16/23
Ernie Michael Viggiani – brother of Brother Domenic Viggiani – De La Salle College “Oaklands”, Toronto ON 04/18/23


Anthony Battaglia – former Brother Gregory Anthony ’56 09/07/22
Michael P. Clarke – former Brother Cornelius Michael ’54 06/16/23
Frederick de Groot – former Brother Frederick William ’44 01/18/23
Thomas Fogarty – former Brother Charles Ignatius ’64 01/21/23
John T. Greed, Jr. – former Brother Edwin Christopher ’48 07/12/22
Edward J. Griffin – former Brother Antony ’44 06/05/23

Robert Kealey – former Brother Celestine Robert ’55 08/27/22

Ronald J. Kiley – former Brother Ronald Patric ’63 05/14/23

Bernard McGavin – former Brother Bernard Denis ’53 03/03/22
Richard P. O’Connell – former Brother Conrad of Mary ’53 10/25/22
James Patterson – former Brother Conrad Francis ’49 12/10/22
Gene Perret – former Brother Eugene Richard ’55 11/15/22
Arthur Sharkey – former Brother Francis of Mary ’56 10/14/22
Joseph Troy – former Brother Joseph Christopher ’57 11/03/22
Neil E. Walsh – former Brother Alfred Bernardine ’56 07/16/23


Elizabeth Burke – wife of the late John Burke (former Brother Cassian John ’56) 05/05/23
Meg Byrne – wife of the late Edmond Byrne (former Brother Augustine Denis ’69) 12/02/22
Anne Cook – the Brothers were remembered with a special request for gifts at her passing 07/29/23
Joan Lawlor Cox – wife of the late Donald Cox (former Brother Anselm of Mary ’45) 06/09/23
Most Rev. Edward P. Cullen – included the Brothers in his Estate plans 05/09/23
Mary Curran – wife of Francis W. “Bill” Curran (former Brother Francis Terrence ’59) 12/28/22
John Curwood – Juniorate ’58, brother of James Curwood (former Brother Conan James ’56) 04/25/23
Mary Joan Dolan – wife of the late Felix Dolan (former Brother Conan Patrick ’55) 03/10/23
Kathleen Dunne – sister of Richard McKay (former Brother Richard Albeus ’57) 11/18/22
Rita Claire Fitzsimmons – wife of the late John Fitzsimmons (former Brother Columban of Jesus ’49) 01/27/23
Mary V. Fredrick – included the Brothers in her Estate plans 06/29/22
Sr. Bernadette Hannaway, OSU – sister of John Hannaway (former Brother John Stephen ’57) 08/12/23
Marco L. Marinelli – included the Brothers in his Estate plans 01/25/19
Claire McMahon – wife of Joseph McMahon (former Brother Brice Joseph ’54) 05/08/23
Eleanor Morisseau – the Brothers were remembered with a special request for gifts at her passing 08/26/23
Winifred E. & George A. Nussbaum – included the Brothers in their Estate plans 07/16/23
Joan Oakes – sister-in-law of the late James E. Caulfield (former Brother Amian Stephen ’51) 01/14/23
Brian O’Keefe – brother of Sean O’Keefe (former Brother Patrick Omar ’57) 10/16/22
M. Christopher Sears – St. Joseph’s Juniorate ’48 05/30/23
Edward R. Solvibile – included the Brothers in his Estate plans 04/24/22
Elizabeth Tuffy – included the Brothers in her Estate plans 04/27/21
Frances & Bernard Vogt – included the Brothers in their Estate plans 06/15/13