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A Twinning Prayer for the New School Year from Syracuse to Child Discovery Centre

Walking Hand in Hand for Twinning with Brother Ghebreyesus

Tie Dye for Twinning at La Salle School

Battle of Pennies for Twinning

De La Salle Freeport’s Blue Star Cafe Open for Twinning

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Brothers Visitor Visit Africa

Day 2 has included a visit to La Salle Catholic Primary School, including time with these kindergarteners. Brother Ghebreyesus Habte, FSC, Lwanga District Visitor, is at center.

Lwanga District, Africa – From January 21 through 30, Visitor Brother Dennis Malloy and Auxiliary Visitor Dennis Lee visited a number of Lasallian ministries throughout the Lwanga District. While the trip primarily was to visit with our DENA Brother, Denis Berry stationed at Mount La Salle in Naka, Nigeria, and to see the La Salle Catholic Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya, which has received a larger amount of financial support from RELAN, the Brothers Dennis had took the opportunity to strengthen in association with their fellow educators.

Aside from La Salle Catholic Primary, the Lasallian ministries throughout Africa that the Brothers Visitor traveled to generally have large class sizes, and limited access to resources, like electricity. “The lack of electricity available throughout Nigeria, including Mount La Salle, is surprising,” said Dennis Malloy. “Schools have to rely on generators for most the school day.”

Even with resources lacking, academic excellence is still the expectation as part of a Lasallian Education. “Just like in the U.S., our schools throughout Lwanga are very successful, certainly base on the scores on national exams,” said Dennis Lee. “As is the motto at Christ the Teacher Institute for Education (CTIE, Nairobi) in Kenya, ‘Teaching Minds, Touching Hearts, Transforming Lives,’ that’s the hallmark of our mission, whether it’s in Lwanga or DENA.”

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