International Lasallian Days for Peace

Let us continue paving the way for peace during the United Nation International Days for Peace from September 21 to October 21. Let’s build new pathways for a more peaceful world together.” This event is hosted by the International Council of Young Lasallians.

Lasallians committed to “peace within our reach”.

With the celebration of the International Day of Peace – established by the United Nations since 1981 – the International Lasallian Days for Peace 2023 (ILDP) began on 21 September and will run until 21 October.

Promoting peace from within our own reality

Under the motto “Peace within our reach”, all Lasallians – and in a special way Young Lasallians – are invited “to promote peace from their own reality, to start with themselves, not to get carried away or spread currents of hatred and conflict, but to stop, think and see how they can help to promote peace”, remarks Mourad Barsoum, Director of the Office of Vocations and Volunteer Ministry of La Salle at the global level.

In this sense, continues Mourad, “promoting peace is within everyone’s reach. It is not about extraordinary work or big projects, but about doing good to our neighbours, smiling, being grateful, and performing acts of kindness and love”.

Where to start? For the Egyptian director, it is important, “firstly, to make Lasallians aware of the different conflicts that already exist, because we do not live alone and the people of our time are suffering traumatic situations. Secondly, to make an act of love for these people, an act which shows that we are united with them”. “It would also be good to develop a small charity project and be able to help them,” concludes Mourad.

“Peace is the fruit of justice”

For his part, during the launching of the ILDP, broadcasted through the social networks of Young Lasallians Santiago Rodríguez Mancini, Director of the Central Community of the Generalate in Rome, stressed that “peace is not only the absence of conflict”, because “behind wars and conflicts there is always a greater conflict which is injustice”. For this reason, “peace is the fruit of justice”, added the Argentinean religious.

This Lasallian month for peace is inspired by the UN celebration. However, its origins go back to the beginning of this millennium, when a meeting of Young Lasallians was held. In that gathering, two of them were unable to participate because a war had broken out in their country. In response, the others decided to pray and since then one month a year has been dedicated to promoting the commitment of Lasallians to peace.