11th Annual
International Lasallian Days for Peace

Peace Without Limits

September 21 – October 21, 2017


Inspired by the Institute theme for 2017-2018, “Lasallians Without Limits”,
this year’s theme encourages us to go beyond our own limits and will be focused
on issues regarding immigration and refugees in our communities and in the world.


Each year the International Council of Young Lasallians (ICYL) calls upon Lasallians throughout the Institute to participate in this month-long peace awareness project. As Lasallians, we will be fostering peace in our world through prayer, study and action beginning September 21 (the United Nations-sanctioned International Day of Peace) and ending on October 21st.

There is an urgency today to “set on fire” the Lasallian Catholic evangelical mission within each of our educational communities to do as Jesus did by joyfully announcing the radical Good News that God loves us all and calls us to cooperate in building God’s Kingdom.
— DENA Mission Assembly 2015, Evangelization and Catechesis, Directional Statement

To continue to safeguard the rights of our children and the young, we ensure a culture of nonviolence that educates for and cultivates peacemaking, advocacy and respect for the God given dignity of human persons and God’s creation.
— DENA Mission Assembly 2015, Service with the Poor through Education, Action Item 3

Call for Grant Proposal

This year in recognition of the International Days for Peace, the Office for Mission and Ministry is awarding a $500.00 grant to assist in the implementation of a proposal that creatively responds to this year’s theme – PEACE WITHOUT LIMITS! Click here for more information >

Grants Awarded for 2016

Saint Raymond High School, Bronx, NY
Brother Ed Shields, FSC
Retreat Training for Student Leaders
“Students from our Lasallian Youth Group and Student Government will be the leaders for the retreat day.  They will work with small groups and share their experiences of being witnesses to God’s mercy and peace and assist with the activities. The Service Program, will put into practice what the retreat day emphasized. This will help us to continue the goal and lessons of the retreat day in a very practical way.  The retreat does not end with the dismissal bell, but continues throughout the year.”

TIDES Family Services, West Warwick, RI
Ms. Sophia Cartagena
Blessing Bags Activity
“The Blessing Bags Activity would provide basic necessities to clients and their families. The Tides’ Lasallian Committee, together and by association, ran this activity for the first time in August 2016, as a Back-to-School event. The Blessing Bags include a reusable grocery bag filled with one of each of the following items: shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, toothpaste, tooth brush, floss, baby wipes, bandages, brush, Chap Sticks and deodorant. Blessing Bags will be available and ready for clients and families to take home when needed. The Blessing Bags Activity gives our staff an opportunity to teach clients and families the importance of hygiene and follow through with a schedule/structure. These Blessing Bags are passed out at supervisors’ discretion for programs in each of our four offices. The Tides’ Lasallian Committee will be responsible with implementing this activity again at the agency. We will have Blessing Bags ready for the holiday season, late November/early December of 2016. Our hope is to have Blessing Bags available year round for our clients and families.”

Saint John Paul II Academy, Boca Raton, FL
Ms. Shelia Garcia
Lasallian Association Project with Lasallian Educational Center, Homestead, FL
“The inspiration of this proposal is to teach our students Gospel compassion through the encounters of mercy shown to them by their Lasallian counterparts at the Lasallian Education Center in Homestead, FL. With St. John Paul II Academy still being new to the Lasallian mission, we think that taking this opportunity to be able to create a connection to our Lasallian community at Homestead will reinforce and strengthen our identities as a Lasallian and Catholic institution. We will gather together during the season of Easter to have time for a joint community service project and to experience Lasallian association.”


From the Coordinator for Young Lasallians

Dear Lasallians,

I hope you are doing great!

It is now the time to share with you the official poster of the next International Lasallian Days for Peace (ILDP), which will be held from September 21st to October 21st, 2017. You submitted more than 50 posters to the contest, and you will find the winning submission attached! It was designed by De La Salle School in Alimos, near Athens, Greece. Congratulations!

This year, the International Council of Young Lasallians also designed a toolkit to help you better prepare for your participation to the campaign and to make it known in your ministry. We will make it available in the coming weeks

If you have other questions regarding the International Lasallian Days for Peace or if you would like to inform us of what you already plan on doing during the campaign, do not hesitate to write to us at icyl@lasalle.org.

Thank you for your participation and live Jesus in our hearts… Forever!


International Coordinator for Young Lasallians

A Message from the DENA Young Lasallian Council

Dear DENA Young Lasallians and the Lasallian Family,

We hope you all had a wonderful summer with at least some time for rest and relaxation. Now that the new school year is under way, we wanted to welcome you all back and touch base on Young Lasallian Initiatives.

As you probably know, the International Lasallian Days for Peace (ILDP) are right around the corner. The month long call for peace starts September 21, 2017 and runs until October 21, 2017. This is our 11th Anniversary Year and the theme is Peace Without Limits! MORE >

Day of White & Moment of Silence

Friday October 20, 2017

On a District level, we ask DENA ministries (faculty/staff, Lasallian Youth, or even their entire student body) to wear white to promote peace on the last day. SHARE! Snap a photo and send it to DENA Director of Communications Phil De Rita. We will post it to the website and related Facebook pages.
Moment of Silence At 12:00 noon, we also ask all of our DENA ministries to host a moment of silence so that all Lasallians of the District can be united in prayer/study/action for peace.

More Information

2017 Resources

The following resources are available to assist you in planning.

ILDP Poster (8.5 x 11) >

ILDP Poster (customizable) >

ILDP Poster (11 x 17) >

ILDP Peace Prayer >

ILDP Video – Our Song for Peace >

Pace e Bene – Campaign Nonviolence >

Share the Message

Spread the good news!  Let us know what you are doing to celebrated these days!
Email us updates:

Phil De Rita, derita@fscdena.org
Maryann Donohue-Lynch, donohuelynch@fscdena.org

Facebook:  DENA  Young Lasallians RELAN DENA Young Lasallian Professionals
Twitter @becomingbrother@younglasallians #younglasallians #ILDP2017
Email International Young Lasallians Council: icyl@lasalle.org

2017 ILDP News / Resources

The ILDP 2017 Map – Is your project on the map?

Reflection / Prayer  by Ms. Kristine Chapman at La Salle Academy-Providence >

Opening & Closing Prayer Vigils for Peace – International Lasallian Days for Peace #ILDP2017

This year, the Regional Council for Young Lasallians (RCYL) is sponsoring two Regional Observances of Peace to mark the beginning and conclusion of ILDP. We are inviting members of our Lasallian Family in RELAN to sign up for a 15-minute time slot where Lasallians will come together in praying for peace. Please share the following links with your District YL contacts and/or Councils and on your District’s YL Facebook page. Thank you for your support in encouraging fellow Lasallians to participate in these Observances.

Learn more and sign up for your time to pray for peace!

September 21 Opening Vigil Sign Up

October 21 Closing Vigil Sign Up


ICYMI: DENA Photos from #ILDP2016