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The Workshop has been moved from October 17-19, 2021

March 6-8, 2022

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Brother Luke Salm Religious Education Workshop

Accompaniment of Youth
in Times of Uncertainty

Over 180 Lasallians gathered from across the Institute during the week of October 18th to participate in the 2020 virtual Brother Luke Salm Workshop. This year’s workshop offered participants the opportunity to hear from three inspiring keynote speakers, and to participate in professional development conversations. Please find the links to the Keynote recordings and additional resources on this page. We look forward to gathering in 2021 for another Workshop.

Monday, October 19

Interiority and the Lasallian Mission

Interiority is central to the Lasallian mission, but it is also found in other religious traditions (mindfulness, meditation) and secular educational practice (teaching journals, etc.). Why interiority? It gives us the space to bring questions, challenges, and successes from our unconscious mind to the surface. It gives us space to recenter within our mission and goals in the face of daily to-do lists. Interiority gives us the space to operate from a place of considered response, not a place of instinctive reaction. In light of our current stressful historical moment,

this interactive workshop will explore ways in which we can use interiority to help our students and Lasallian communities develop considered and relational responses to the structural inequities that have been more starkly revealed in the wake of the pandemic. We’ll use breakout sessions and reflective dialogue to give participants an opportunity to practice interiority and to explore some methods for incorporating interiority and small-group reflection in their courses (including online courses). We’ll start by exploring calls to interiority in Lasallian foundational texts, then practice interiority and reflection individually and in small groups, leading to a virtual gallery walk. We’ll close with a group brainstorm about we might encourage interiority and reflection with our students.

Dr. Jaime Longo is a composition scholar, an educational developer, a practitioner of transformative education both in and out of the classroom, and an accidental instructional design evangelist. At La Salle University in Philadelphia, she ran programs for college students at risk for a difficult transition to college and created a teaching and learning center from the ground up. Her interest in faculty development began as a graduate assistant, and she now focuses her educational development work on engaged pedagogy, justice education, writing across the curriculum, and pedagogical support for at-risk students.

Tuesday, October 20

Faith Formation in the Lasallian Tradition: The Pilgrim’s Journey

The international Secretariat for Lasallian Formation published Lasallian Formation for Mission: The Pilgrim’s Handbook in October 2019. This handbook offers a holistic and comprehensive framework for Lasallian formation that includes the faith formation of our students. This session will introduce participants to the framework and allow for sharing on how it might be applied to our ministry of religious education and faith formation in our schools.

Presenter: Brother Robert Schaefer, FSC

Br. Bob Schaefer currently serves at the Generalate of the Christian Brothers in Rome as part of the Secretariat for Lasallian Formation. Prior to his assignment in Rome, Br. Bob was the principal of Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh. For many years he was a religion teacher and Campus Minister in various secondary schools.

Wednesday, October 21

Isolation, Inclusion, and Relational Authority

How can you walk with young people to combat the record levels of isolation and loneliness that were present even before Covid-19? In this talk, Dr. Josh Packard, Executive Director of Springtide Research Institute reveals what a year’s worth of research with young people shows about how to build lasting relationships with young people that are influential and impactful. Drawing on over 10,000 surveys and 150 interviews with 13-25 year-olds, Dr. Packard reveals why Relational Authority is the only kind of authority that matters in the lives of young people and how our current approach needs to change to have a true impact. This talk also specifically addresses the issue of race and inclusion among young people and how they intersect with faith formation.

Dr. Josh Packard, Executive Director of Springtide™ Research Institute, is an accomplished researcher and academic with expertise in the sociology of religion and new forms of religious expression. A talented speaker and writer, Josh has been a guest on numerous radio shows and podcasts, including Minnesota Public Radio, Newsworthy with Norsworthy, and others, and has been an invited speaker at many conferences, events, and workshops. He has been published widely in both academic and popular outlets, including Christianity Today, The Huffington Post, Desert News, and Christian Science Monitor, among others.

LukeSalmAbout the Brother Luke Salm Religious Education Workshops

The goal of this annual workshop is to enhance and support the Christian education and evangelization of the young by providing professional development for and accompaniment to the District’s Religious Studies instructors, Campus Ministers, and other Lasallian educators.

Named in memory and honor of Luke Salm, a Brother of the Christian Schools and a theologian, he was the first non-ordained person in the Catholic Church to receive a Doctorate in Sacred Theology (STD). He ministered in religious and theological education at Manhattan College for over 40 years. He played a significant role in drafting The Brothers of the Christian Schools: A Declaration, a seminal text from the 39th General Chapter following Vatican II for renewal of the Brother’s vocation and the Lasallian educational mission. Lovingly known as “one of the Lasallian giants, his very ‘presence brightened everything’ and his devotion as brother, teacher, and friend inspired and taught many, not only ‘the road to heaven,’ but the pathway toward a more full and glorious life” (William Mann, FSC).

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“The Lasallian school is to be a living community where young people, coming from different social (ethnic, religious) and family backgrounds, educate one another by mutual understanding and respect, openness of mind in dialogue, acceptance of the uniqueness and limitations of each, growth in spirit of service, and the practice of justice and charity.”

— The Brother of the Christian Schools in the World Today: A Declaration, 1967