A Strategic Plan for the Future

Essential to this process will be input from the various constituencies that comprise DENA. By engaging as many voices as possible, the strategic planning committee aims to enhance clarity in crafting an overarching view for the future. Consisiting of sub-committees, these engaged Lasallians will consider a cadre of subjects that will ignite the District moving forward.

In response to the directive from the 2015 District Chapter, a Strategic Planning Committee gathered on June 1 to launch the process of formulating a strategic plan for DENA. In 2015, the 2nd DENA Chapter passed a resolution to appoint a committee and engage a consultant to lead DENA in a comprehensive SP to look at these dynamic areas of mission, community, and religious life. While the initial timeline called for a strategic plan to be finalized by the Fall of 2017, District Leadership thought it prudent to wait until the new Brother Visitor was appointed and then have him take ownership of the process.

In February 2017, Brother Dennis Lee was appointed the second Visitor of DENA. An initial meeting with District Leadership provided Brother Dennis with some initial feedback and guidance to help him with his vision of DENA. By May 2017, Lee had selected his SP Committee and hired Anne Kemp of BDR Consultants as the Facilitator.

The SPC recommended the SP be concurrent with the mandate of the Brother Visitor (September 2017 to August 2021).

After meeting in May, June, and July, the SPC determined that the SP vision would be focused on the following areas: Association & Formation, Evangelization, Service with the Poor, and Vocation Promotion.