Explore Your Vocation with the Brothers

When we find something missing,
we often hear the call again.

The Brothers are here to help
you discern your vocation in life.

As graduation from college approached, you thought about the call again—but you chose a different path. Law school. Banking. Engineering. No matter the work, it just isn’t fulfilling. The tug at your heart to serve God and your neighbor is still there. You’re hearing the call again.


Considering the Brothers?

As you make your way through the sea of vocational possibilities, remember the Brothers—whose worldwide mission is stronger today than at any time in our 300+ year history.

RELAN-Young-Bros-Gather-April-2013-(4)Just as it was during the late 17th century, the Brothers continue to dedicate their entire lives to the ministry of teaching, to the students entrusted to their care, to each other, and (through all of these) to God.

For the Brothers, the ministry of education is the work of Jesus with the young people of today. Daily meditation, community prayer, liturgy and the life-giving support of religious community enable the Brothers to infuse the world of education and the young with the Gospel.

The Brother is a member of a community of men who are committed to live and work together for the educational service of the young and the poor. The Brother is a man who has answered God’s call to give himself completely to Jesus Christ through the mission of education, especially to the poor and needy.

Consider the Brothers

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Discovery Days

To learn what the Brothers’ life is all about spending the day as a teacher with students in some, contact Brother Michael Andrejko.

Contact Talks

Hear firsthand how young men in discernment  live their lives actively considering a vocation to the Christian Brothers. Contact Brother Michael Andrejko for Contact Talks opportunities.