Whatever your God given


You’re ready to consider the Brothers

Thousands of men and women are called to explore their vocation — by taking the first steps, you honor their call by seeing if religious vocation may be right for you.

A Brother is a member of a community of men committed to living and working together for the educational service of the young and the poor. A Brother is a man who has answered God’s call to give himself completely to Jesus Christ through the mission of education, especially to the poor and needy. Daily meditation, community prayer, liturgy, and the life-giving support of religious community enable the Brothers to infuse the world of education and the young with the Gospel.

You’re Feeling Called.
We Can Help You Find the Answer.

Each of us is called to live this life in service to God and others. You’re here because you hear. There is something in your life saying this may be a fit for you.


You arrived here because you have questions. Something inside of you says you are looking for more in life. You want yours to be a life of service. Reach out to us, ask us your questions. The journey starts with one single step.

The Steps to Becoming a Brother


Your first connection with the Brothers.

Get in touch with us.

Stays in contact with the Brothers while living your normal life.


Taking a closer look at the Brothers.

The next step in the process.

The next step is living like one, and getting the right education to be one.


Diving deeper into your life as Brother.

Takes just one year.

The next step, a year-long opportunity to hear our God.


Your commitment to the living out the mission.

Now you’re a Brother.

Starting off with yearly vows, eventually, with prayerful discernment, you will become a perpetual member of our Institute.

Whatever Your God Given Talent, You’re Ready to Consider the Brothers. Begin by selecting:

I am a . . .