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District Calendars

  • 9/8
    Review Board
  • 9/8 - 9/11
    LeadershipTeam Retreat
  • 9/11
    La Salle Manor Board
  • 9/15 - 9/17
    Mission Executive Council

Additional Dates and Leadership Calendars


  • Lord,
    grant us peace of mind and the wisdom to appreciate each day and see the love and individual stories of others.  Let us remember the precious gift of life we have and allow us to come together as one and truly appreciate your creation.  Amen.

    Brittany Ann
    La Salle Academy - Providence, RI
    Lasallian Youth Assembly Participant
  • Loving God,
    you speak to us and nourish us through our ministry and our community.  Help us give witness to your love and thereby inspire others to serve you as Brothers of the Christian Schools.  May those who open their hearts to you, be strengthened by your love and encouraged by our example.  Amen.
  • Lord, our Father,
    thank you for giving us the very important gift called "Life."  You send us into our world to transmit the values most profound and the most important is that of service.  We are grateful to you for this.  Amen.

    Lasallian Youth Assembly Participant
  • Lord,
    thank you for the chance to wake up this morning and allowing me to share my gifts with every one I contact.  When I am not in the best mood, you give me an opportunity to center myself in your love.  Lord, allow me to be a converter of negative energy so that I can give positive energy to everyone.  Amen.

    Bjorn Olivier
    St. Mary Magdalene - Springfield Gardens, NY
    Lasallian Youth Assembly Participant
  • Jesus,
    what can we say to you if not "thanks?"  Everything around us comes from you, from your desire to serve us.  You made us to do your work - to serve.  We want to make you proud of us.  Amen.

    Lasallian Youth Assembly Participant
  • Heavenly Father,
    you have blessed your children with many gifts.  Help me to use the eyes you gave me to see the beautiful creations I often take for granted.  Help me to use my hands to calm the trembling hands of others and let my hand remain open to anyone who may need it at any time, as yours does to me.  Help me to use my lips to speak only words of comfort and change, and give me confidence so that my lips are never closed when it is necessary to speak out.  Finally, let me use my heart to appreciate fully the gifts you blessed me with and to provide your children with the love they deserve.  Amen.

    Helen Kosc
    De La Salle College "Oaklands" - Toronto, ON
    Lasallian Youth Assembly Participant
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