Welcome the Second Visitor of the District Brother Dennis Lee, FSC

Welcome Brother Dennis Lee, FSC, the 2nd Visitor of District of Eastern North America

About Brother Dennis Lee

Brother Dennis Lee is a native of Queens, NY, educated at Mater Christi Memorial High School where his vocation was awakened by the many Brothers who were his teachers. Holding a bachelors’ degree in Sociology from Fordham University (1972), he has subsequently earned masters’ degrees in Education (Fordham, 1978) and Catechetical Ministry (Saint John’s University NY, 1984).

His career has been varied: elementary school teacher (Saint Gabriel’s, Queens, NY); parish work (Saint Cecilia’s, Brooklyn, NY); high school Religion teacher (Bishop Loughlin Memorial HS, Brooklyn, NY); and campus minister (Bishop Loughlin and Manhattan College, Bronx, NY). Since 2002, he has alternated as missionary (Christ the Teacher Institute for Education, Nairobi, Kenya) and as Auxiliary Visitor (legacy LINE District and DENA).

Brother Dennis Lee will continue to carry out into the future the mandate of the Brothers: to oversee the vitality of the Brothers and of the mission, which continues to be to “provide a human and Christian education for the young, especially the poor.”  In Brother Robert Schieler’s letter to Brother Dennis Lee he states, “I ask that you pay special attention to the pastoral ministry of vocations, the formation of Partners and the care of our senior Brothers.” With his usual energy and zeal Dennis looks forward to working with all the amazing ministries of the District. 

In the coming months, there will be a gradual transition from one Brother Dennis to the other, with the newly appointed Brother Dennis Lee assuming responsibility on September 1, 2017. We thank him for his spirit of service which has been manifested throughout his career, and we ask God’s blessings upon him as he brings together his leadership team.

Special gratitude is extended to Brothers Thomas Casey and Robert Wickman for being nominees throughout the electoral process.

This week, the Superior General of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, Brother Robert Schieler, FSC, announced the appointment of Brother Dennis Lee, FSC, as the second Visitor of the District of Eastern North America (DENA), whose term will begin September 1, 2017.

So how was Brother Dennis Lee appointed to this leadership position? After serving two consecutive four-year terms, the current Visitor Brother Dennis Malloy’s “mandate” as Visitor will conclude on August 31, 2017. Per the District Chapter guidelines, the Brothers of DENA entered a process of three nominating rounds for the next Visitor in September 2016.

The initial nominating round was open to all Brothers of DENA who have been in perpetual vows for at least five years. The Brothers nominated up to four Brothers. These results as well as the results of the second round were sent to a Brothers’ community for a tally. The second nominating round consisted of those Brothers (18) who received a qualifying number of votes as approved by the District Council. It was during this time that the Brothers and their Partners-in-Mission were invited to share in a discernment process with these 18 Brother nominees. The third nominating round consisted of the three Brothers receiving the highest number of votes and who, through this discernment process, agreed to leave their names in for consideration as Visitor. These three Brothers were invited to write a position paper detailing their vision for DENA for the next four years. These papers were shared with the Brothers and Partners-in-Mission. Five regional meetings throughout DENA were scheduled in December and January to allow the Brothers to hear firsthand, the Brother nominees’ visions as well as an opportunity for Q&A.

In late January, the ballots of this third and final nominating round went unopened to the Superior General in Rome who retains the freedom to choose the Visitor.

Brother Dennis Lee was then appointed by Brother Robert Schieler, Superior General, on February 22, 2017. The Brothers Dennis will be working together during these coming months to begin the transition process.

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  • Lord,
    please help everyone find the right path to success.

    Jesus Santos ‘19
    Saint Raymond High School for Boys - Bronx, NY
  • Lord, thank you for forgiveness, even when we make the wrong choices. Help us to live in peace.

    Anthony Callan ‘19
    Saint Raymond's High School for Boys - Bronx, NY
  • Lord,
    allow us to avoid all manifestations of evil in this world and to avoid sin. Lead us to follow the example you provided through your son, Jesus Christ. Lead the young men of St. Raymond High School for Boys to be young men who lead, inspire and return to their community. Amen.
    Diontay Santiago ‘17
    Saint Raymond's High School for Boys - Bronx, NY
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