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  • Lord,
    thank you for life.
Thank you for love.
Thank you for your graces you bestow from above. God of our ancestors
, God of today, in my heart you will forever stay.

Cooper Coviello '17

    St. John's College High School - Washington, DC
  • Let us always aim to be like Christ.
 Let us do our best to love with all our heart. Though we may fail and though we may struggle, may we always have the strength to love. 
Let us make of this world a heaven.
 May we bring the Kingdom to earth.

    Cooper Coviello '17
    St. John's College High – Washington, DC
  • Dear Lord,
    thank you for this day
.  Thank you for waking us up this morning and for all the gifts you have given us. Let us use hope to trust in our future plans,
wisdom to do our best to succeed,
and the courage to grow and spread your word.
May we always remember to live in your image and may tomorrow be even better. Amen

    Dory Sullivan '17

    St. John's College High School - Washington, DC
  • Dear Lord,
    You gave your own life out of love for us.
May we always remember this and do everything we do, out of love. May we love our neighbors as ourselves, and accept those who we cannot change.
Give us the strength to love those who do not return the love, and above all, the faith to love and trust in you. Amen

    Dory Sullivan '17

    St. John's College High School - Washington, DC
  • After Jesus ascended into Heaven, the Apostles continued to uphold his message and preach about repenting and turning back to the all-merciful God. You would assume that since they were Christ's Apostles, they would never worship God half-heartedly or question their faith in him. However, we tend to forget that the people in the Bible aren't characters from a novel, and they weren't created from a figment of someone's imagination, they were all human.

    No human is perfect, we all makes mistakes. We constantly hear this phrase, but do we actually listen? If a child fails a math test. Everyone will begin to see, and therefore, label them as "dumb". What if they aren't dumb? What if they just forgot to study for this test? What if math just isn't their thing? None of these questions come tom mind when we see someone struggling, whether in life, or in faith. All that we do is begin to label them, even if we aren't aware of this. The Apostles messed up, doubting in their faith. Instead of punishing them, Jesus just asks them to preach his message and remember that he is always with them. The Apostles, who are imagined as the perfect leaders in our faith, doubted; they weren't stuck with the label of "doubters" for the rest of their lives. Rather, they became great leaders. So next time you see someone struggling to find their way in life and in faith, don't label them for it; instead, have mercy like God taught us to and help them.

    Anna Ceballos ’20 
    St. John’s College High School - Washington, DC
  • Heavenly Father,
    we pray for an increase of vocations to the Brothers of the Christian Schools so that the educational mission among our youth will continue and grow.  Amen.
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