Saturday, May 1, 2021

On the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, we invite you to celebrate Religious Brothers Day, an opportunity to recognize the gift of religious brotherhood to the Church and the world and to give thanks for Brothers in our own lives and the impact they have made. We ask you to inspire and invite young people to consider the consecrated life and vocation of Brother. Religious Brothers Day is an initiative of the Brothers Think Tank, an inter-congregational group of Brothers who explore topics related to religious life and brotherhood, as well as brainstorm ways to promote the Brothers’ vocation in the Church today.

Were you able to join us for our virtual Vocation Celebration?

Share your thoughts or brief reflection about what you learned from our virtual gathering!

Tell us how you will explore God’s call in your life! Who will you invite to consider the Brothers’ life?

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Closing Prayer video from our virtual Celebration

Celebrating our Vocation with messages of thanks!

We invited Lasallians to share messages of reflection and thanks for the lives and dedication of the Christian Brothers…see what they had to say!

Celebrating Our Vocation

May 3, 2021 @ 7:30 pm
Religious Brothers Day Virtual Gathering 2021

Open to all interested in the Religious Life of the De La Salle Christian Brothers! Whether you are a Vocation Coordinator and promoter, or a young man considering the Brothers’ Vocation, we invite you for prayer, reflection, and celebration. Includes opening prayer and reflection on the Year of St. Joseph, history of Religious Brothers Day, and vocation stories from our Called to Rise Brothers, including Brothers James Martino, Augie Nicoletti, Ken Kalinowski, and Steve Barbaro.

Learn more about these Brothers before joining our event

Vocation stories from our International Brothers Beto (Colombia), Brickston (India), Inigo (Philippines), Arturo (Mexico), and Abel (Africa), along with vocation stories from our Novices Kyle and JD.

Join our Zoom Gathering – May 3 | 7:30 PM

Who should attend? Brothers, young men from our other zooms, Contacts, Seniors in high schools who have expressed interest in the Contact Program, Vocation Coordinators, alums from our ministries, and Lasallian Partners.


God of mercy and compassion,
thank you for the extraordinary life, witness, and ministry
of Religious Brothers in our Church.

In your wisdom, you have called these ordinary men
to generously serve, pray,
and share your healing love with others.

As we prepare for our annual Religious Brothers Day,
deepen our appreciation for the vocation
of Religious Brothers, their congregational charisms,
and their commitment to vowed community life.
Strengthened by our baptismal call to holiness,
inspire us to invite men
to consider religious life as a Religious Brother.

Grant all Religious Brothers the grace and perseverance
they need to proclaim your Holy Word
for the life of our Church and our world.


Each one, reach one! Spread the word!

Questions? Contact a member of our Vocation Team: Brother Edward, Brother Arturo, or Brother Michael

Resources & More

Religious Life Today Infographic

Ideas for Promotion

  • Offering specific prayers or a day of prayer for vocations to the consecrated life and Brothers vocation (a prayer service & prayer card are available as resources)
  • Classroom presentations on consecrated life and the Brothers vocation
  • Specific invitations to young people that “would make a good Brother/Sister”
  • A hand-written note or email of gratitude to a Brother you know

For more resources, visit the Region’s Vocation website BrothersVocation.org or Christian Brother Conference / Region website Lasallian.info

What People Are Saying . . .

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To celebrate #ReligiousBrothersDay, we're sharing snapshots of what a vocation as a Jesuit Brother looks like. Ryan Mak, SJ, says: "For me, being a Brother is first and foremost being a Jesuit. As someone who is is engaged in many avenues, predominately medicine now, being a Jesuit brother gives me the freedom to express a foundational vocation in multiple ways." Amen!
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Religious Brothers Day is held annually on May 1, the feast of Saint Joseph the Worker.
Within the Congregation of Holy Cross, Blessed Basil Moreau dedicated our religious brothers to the patronage of St. Joseph. Just as St. Joseph was an integral part of the Holy Family, so too, our brothers have an essential presence in the Holy Cross family.

Brothers profess the vows of poverty, celibacy, and obedience and in doing so commit themselves to the common work, prayer, and life in Holy Cross. In service to the Church, our brothers answer Christ's call to go out to all the nations and make the Gospel known. They do this primarily as teachers, administrators, or directors in the schools, parishes and missions of Holy Cross around the world. In their commitment to the communal prayer of Holy Cross they strive to grow in holiness and draw the world into deeper holiness.

Their participation in the common life unites our community and provides support and encouragement for their confreres. In their "yes" to Christ's invitation to follow him, they make themselves radically open to serving the needs of the Church and the world.

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01 de Mayo, día de los Hermanos Religiosos

Los Hermanos han jugado un papel esencial en la Vida Religiosa desde los inicios de esta forma de vida. De hecho, la Vida Religiosa comienza con los Hermanos 👥

Los Hermanos de la SVD continúan escribiendo un capítulo orgulloso en la historia de la Congregación, de la Iglesia y de la Humanidad. Buen día para rezar y recordar a aquellos que con su sacerdocio bautismal se consagran por hacer de esta historia algo más fraterno, más hermanada ➕
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Więc jutro świętujemy 🎉
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